Keep your Skin Looking Young with These Easy Tips!

Keep your Skin Looking Young with These Easy Tips

We all want to grow old gracefully and keep our youthful appearance. The most obvious signs of aging are our skin and hair. Hair is far easier to manage, but our skin is a little harder. So what are the key ways you can look after your skin and keep it looking younger for longer? Read on…

Be sun smart

The Australian sun is intense and the fastest way to prematurely age yourself, is to bake yourself. Have you seen people who’ve sunbaked their whole lives? Their skin looks dry and leathery and ages them considerably. Avoid the sun between 10am and 3pm when UV rays are at their most intense. Seek shade where you can, but remember, you can still burn even if you’re not in direct sunlight. So a hat, protective clothing and sunglasses (Australian Standard of course) are a prerequisite, along with SPF30+ sunscreen.

Age well on the inside…..


For me, there are five pillars to good health, whatever your age. They are:

1. Eat well. It’s kind of obvious really. You really are what you eat. Eat fatty, sugary foods and the chances are, your skin will show it as your complexion is a marker for good health overall. Toxic foods are loaded with free radicals, the nasties that deplete our nutrients and age us from the inside, out. Whereas, fresh fruit and vegies, grains, legumes and other goodies are loaded with anti-oxidants that help us fight the signs of aging; both the ones we can and can’t see.

2. Supplements. Unfortunately, foods today aren’t as packed with nutrients as they were many years ago. Injecting your diet with anti-oxidants, multivitamins and essential fatty acids, can give you the nutritional edge to aging well.

3. Stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water is fundamental to good health throughout our lives and a key strategy to keeping your skin youthful for longer.

4. Get plenty of rest. This is the single most important factor in health, full stop. I actually thought you would die of thirst first, followed by starvation, but sleep deprivation will kill you first. I know how haggard I look after poor sleep, so take years and years of insufficient sleep and guess where it’s going to show?

5. Exercise. Fundamental for so many reasons, staying fit and active improves bone density, protects our heart, improves circulation and of course, keeps our skin looking good.

6. Relax and stop. The body produces and releases hormones during times of stress, an evolutionary and genetic hangover from our days as hunters and gatherers. While adrenaline and co. were life-savers in a matter of life or death, today’s low-level but ongoing sources of stress deplete our nutrients and energy and slowly break our bodies down. Finding ways to defrag your mind and just simply sit and be still, are fundamental in the fight against aging.

Consult an expert

Even if you’re a health nut, the fact is that we grow older we lose skin elasticity, particularly around the eyes. For some people this results in changes to their eyelids, giving them the appearance of being tired or sad. This is caused by a combination of increased wrinkles, excess skin and changes in how fat is positioned around the eyes. There are options to address these changes, such as surgery to remove saggy skin and make eyes look younger and fresher. Click here for more information.

Our health and how we age, is something that we are directly in control of. There are so many ways to improve your health and wellbeing overall, that will see your skin (and body), looks its best for longer.

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