The Travelling Bra – You Can Help A Mum In Need!

The Travelling Bra – Join In Some Country Wide Fun!

 Motherhood can bring so much pleasure, but sometimes it can be one of the hardest gigs around. Sometimes life throws some pretty tough stuff our way, and we need support to get us through. Not everyone is blessed with family and friends that can help at times of crisis.

Support for Mums is only a phone call away (1300 891 262). If life is dishing up more than you can cope with. They are there to help if you are unwell, if one of children is sick or causing concern, if your partner is stuggling and you don’t know what to do, or if anxiety and stress are stopping you from coping with day to day life.

There is nothing wrong with asking for help! No-one deserves to feel trapped and helpless!

This life-line of help for Aussie mums, provides an invaluable service and wants to raise awareness of the services they offer and at the same time raise valuable funds so they can continue to help mums all over the country!

Enter THE bra!


This ‘little’ beauty is going on a scenic tour of our beautiful country and no doubt will see some amazing sights!

We are a creative lot with the most amazing scenery in the world. Surely you can come up with a clever way to take a happy snap and share on social media to let Aussie women know that help is there when they need it.

Single-handedly we can’t fix every wrong and help every person in crisis, but as a combined group we can do amazing things. Australian’s are good at helping our own.

You can be part of the fun by simply donating HERE. You will then be added to the list and the bra will make it’s way to your front door. Snap, share and send (on to the next person)!


What clever idea can you come up with for a great bra shot?

Sharing your photo and why you are doing it, could appear in the newfeed of someone who needs help right at that moment, but does not know who to turn to. Newsfeeds can be very helpful like that.

If every happy mum donated a little bit, so many sad mum’s could get vital help they needed.


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