An Easy Way To Make A Difference!

Every time I answer the phone or open the letter box, there is always another charity looking for help.

Even though they are all very worthy it is just not possible for me to help them all.

I do have a soft spot for charities that help children. I am blessed with two perfect daughters and I really feel for parents who are not so lucky.

The Cerebral Palsy League has come up with a novel way to support them, without having to find a big wad of cash in one go.


Spare change adds up!

Every few months my tin is picked up and a new one dropped off in it’s place. They mail me out a receipt that I can then use at tax time. Emptying my wallet of coins and putting them in this tin is easy to do and I am always amazed how much actually went in there each time.

Every 14 hours, a child in Australia is born with cerebral palsy, and affects the way the brain controls the body’s muscles. It results in speech, movement and posture difficulties. Cerebral palsy is not hereditory and all the causes are not yet known. At some stage in development injury to the brain occurs and it simply does not function normally. Research and support needs funding and with a ‘Friendship Tin’ you can help provide the Cerebral Palsy League with cash.

This is a great way to teach kids the concept of helping others less fortunate, by having them deposit the coins in to the tin and explaining to them why you are helping out.

You can have a tin at your home too! Just CLICK HERE  (This post is not sponsored) 🙂

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4 thoughts on “An Easy Way To Make A Difference!

  1. That is a great fundraising idea. I also feel sad that I can’t support all the charities. I support a couple of local ones for kids with disabilities because I know that 100% of the funds help these kids whether it be air conditioning for the special needs school so children can attend on hot days to bed hoists to help parents get their disabled kids out of bed. I also try to volunteer my time where I can to help at community fundraisers and I always buy a sausage sandwich from the Bunnings stalls!

  2. Oh this is a very cool idea!
    We give every year to an organisation that provides accommodation for families that have to travel to big cities for cancer treatment. If anything happened to any of us, we would be in need of that kind of assistance, so I want to help others if I can.

  3. I have found that charities have found me through personal experience, and therefore we focus on those. Guide dogs, the local hospital and Red Cross. The cute little tins are a great idea! #teamIBOT

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