Get Organised With A Mini Control Centre

How often do you waste precious time searching for little bits and pieces that you just can’t find when you need them?

Create a Mini Control Centre that you can keep on top of the fridge. I have had one of these for years and for a while it was a dumping ground for all the bits and bobs that I find lying around the house when I am cleaning. Most of these things actually needed the bin, so I gave it a big clean out and filled it with things I actually need!


Any basket or plastic tub will do. I just loved this basket I was given as a gift as it has 3 painted tiles on the front and just works perfectly in my blue kitchen.

This is what I keep in my Control Centre –

– Notepad for writing notes to teachers etc / envelopes / stamps / thank you & birthday cards

– Address book

– Pens / pencils / highlighters

– Stapler / sticky tape / super glue / calculator

– Coins and small notes for tuckshop etc

– Matches / wind up torch / batteries

– Spare keys / double adaptor / screwdriver / stanley knife

– Nail file / spare reading glasses / lipbalm / hair ties (the girls are always running out!)

– Pegs for sealing opened packets of chippies or other yummies.


Keeping all these little things in one spot can save so much time and frustration.

What else would you add to your Mini Control Centre?

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