Which Car is Right for You?

Which Car is Right for You?

Apart from the colour, the look and the power under the hood, there are literally thousands of specs that dictate what type of car is going to be right for you. So let’s look at the type of person you are and which cars are likely to appeal to you.


From humble beginnings to your dream car….what would you choose?

The Rugged, Outdoorsey Man

You love getting out in the bush, the regulation Akubra firmly planted on head, the heavy duty R M Williams boots and the khakis. Think Malcolm Douglas. You need a 4WD vehicle with grunt, but you want economy and a good solid engine that doesn’t need to be serviced every 100 kms. So a diesel is the way to go. The guys at Hi Tech Diesel are always there to provide you with any information you need about diesel engines. The 4WD that’s right for you is the Nissan Patrol 4WD Diesel. It’s one of the most popular rugged terrain vehicles because of the robust, low maintenance and economical engine. The interior is what you’d expect from a working 4WD so don’t look for bells and whistles, but it’s comfortable and roomy.

The Refined, Snobby Gentleman

It’s likely you come from a country property, were educated at boarding school and nowadays sit in a corner office overlooking the city while pining for the “good old days” back on the property. Nowadays the market is catering for your sensibilities in a big way. There’s the Mercedes series of SUVs including the ML350 and ML500. Note they are now referred to as SUVs rather than the more traditional 4WD. Like you, the Mercedes ML350 is refined, elegant and sensible, but has the ability and the capacity to go out and play in the mud if it chooses to. But it’s hardly surprising that playing in the mud is not high on the ML350 driver’s list of “To Do” items, when the showroom price is almost double the basic wage in Australia.

The Flashy, Gold Chains Type

Everything about you screams “flashy”, including your 24K gold plated front tooth. You think you can get girls just by cruising by in your flashy car with personalised plates that invariably spell out something very clever like “2SXY4U”. Whatever you drive, it’s going to be a convertible so the girls can see that tooth and all the excess gold trimmings. If you’ve made a killing in the property market, the Mercedes SLK500 is the vehicle for you. Smooth, luxury, very expensive and class – all class – just like you. But economical they’re not. They slurp petrol like an alcoholic on a binge, they cost a small fortune to service and parts can cost as much as a small car. But hey, they look good, ha?

The Economical Conservationist

You are likely to be tertiary educated with a keen interest in conservation, and an aversion to displays of overt consumerism. You are likely to live in an architecturally designed home that is designed to take advantage of all the latest eco trends, use sustainable products and leave no carbon footprint whatsoever.

Of course, it’s obvious your choice would be the Toyota Prius. The Prius was the first mass-produced petrol-electricity hybrid and is now the biggest selling hybrid in the world. So what is there not to love about this car? It’s extremely economical to run, isn’t outlandishly expensive to purchase and is very reliable, all qualities you respect. However, like you who thinks the world is beginning to travel far too fast, don’t get stuck behind one on the motorway.

The Straight-Down-The-Line-Aussie-Bloke

We all know and love this guy. He’s the one down the pub every Friday night (and maybe a couple of other nights as well), beer in hand, 3 days growth on his face and his King Gee’s riding up his back crack. On the weekend you’ll find him either watching the footy or at the game, regardless of the code. He’ll shout you one if you’re down on your luck or punch your lights out if you offend one of his mates. The dichotomy with Australian men and their cars is that they are either a Ford man through and through or a Holden man right to the bone. Just watch a Bathurst race to see the rivalry. So what it boils down to with the average Aussie bloke is not what’s on the badge but under the hood. Without painting with too broad a brush stroke, the Aussie bloke likes the raw sound of grunt under the bonnet. Give him a throbbing V8 and you won’t see him for dust, but nowadays he also appreciates the value of a dollar and understands V8s are dead-set gas guzzlers.

If you have to ask which car is right for the average Aussie bloke, then the answer would be anything that’s got 4 tyres and an engine, mate.

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