How To Store Fresh Herbs

Fresh herbs are one of the best ways to add flavour to your cooking. Dried herbs are convenient, but they really do not taste the same.

How often do you have fresh herbs at home to cook with?

Many a time, I have bought a bunch of basil or coriander for a recipe, used a few springs and placed the rest in the vegetable crisper only to throw them out a few days later……..sound familiar?


The perfect solution is to grow your own. A few pots of your favourite herbs can be kept alive easily by even the most un-greenthumb on the planet. A little sunshine and water will do the trick. BUT many herbs go to seed very quickly and once that happens, they are only suitable for the rubbish bin.

So picking up a fresh bunch when you need them is the next best choice.

When you get them home, don’t just put them in the vegetable crisper to dehydrate and wilt.

To help them last happily for days you just need to follow a few simple steps.

Remove them from their wrapping and pull the bunch apart. Rinse under running water. Line a storage container with damp paper towel, leaving it long enough to fold over the top and cover the herbs completely. Place the loose sprigs of herbs into the paper towel. Store in the fridge until required.

If you know you are not going to finish them all before they pass their use-by date, here are two handy hints for saving the left-overs from going to waste.

* Chop up the herbs and place into ice-cube trays. Fill with water and place in the freezer. A few hours later, remove the herb ice-cubes and store in snap lock bags. Everytime you want to add fresh herbs to a dish you are cooking, simply pop an ice-cube in to the pot or pan and it will melt quickly leaving the herbs to enhance your dish.

* Place the herbs in a blender and whizz until finely chopped. Place the herbs in a clean glass jar with a screw on lid. Add enough olive oil to cover the herbs. Seal the jar, give it a good shake and then store in the fridge. They will last for a couple of weeks and will create a lovely fragrant oil to use in your cooking.

Next time you buy fresh herbs, don’t let them rot, they can make such a difference to your dish!

What is your favourite herb?

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