Thank You For An Amazing Easter Break

We really do live in the lucky country!

An online Gratitude Journal post……..

I am so grateful to be home from a wonderful weekend sharing time, the sun, great food and relaxation with my family on the beautiful Sunshine Coast…..

I love the Easter break and I actually managed to have the full 4 days off, no night shifts to eat away at the precious 4 days and no day shifts to keep me at home.

Like most Australians, give us more than two days off in a row, and we hit the road. In droves we pack cars and head out for a change of scenery and break from the boredom of every day life.

I was so excited when my parents finally realised their dream of retiring on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, not only are they blissfully happy with their new living arrangements, I am now blessed with a permanent holiday home that is only a few minutes from the beach and equipped with all the modern conveniences that promote comfortable living (pool, airconditioning, a never ending selection of wines to pick from) – you know all those things that one NEEDS!

This year, the Morganettes baked and packed and crossed our fingers for a little sun (which of course has been severely lacking in South East Queensland of late) and a not too bad run on the notoriously congested freeway for a few days away.

Luck was on our side the whole time, we all enjoyed a fab weekend with all of the trimmings:-

  • Sun
  • Sand
  • Swims in the surf
  • Chocolate Easter Eggs
  • Prawns
  • Oysters
  • Moreton Bay Bugs
  • Fillet Steak
  • Chocolate Easter Eggs
  • White Wine
  • Red Wine
  • Water
  • More Water
  • Chocolate Easter Eggs
  • Almond puffs
  • Shortbread
  • Tiramisu
  • Chocolate Easter Eggs
  • Visits from Friends
  • Morning Walks
  • Great Discussions
  • Chocolate Easter Eggs

Thank you to the weather gods that managed to keep the taps turned off, with only one tiny exception on Sunday morning, and thank you to the traffic gods for a pretty good run in both directions, and thank you to my very awesome family for such a lovely 4 days off, feels like it was weeks.

Back to the real world tomorrow, but with wonderful memories that will always be with me.

What did you do for Easter this year?

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