Budget Beauty Buys That Are Worth A Try

Last week I was reading about a new Budget Beauty buy that Nikki over at Styling You had tried and it made me think about all the products that I currently use, and made me realise how much my product regime has changed since the BC (before children) days and had me held down memory lane.

Before Miss 16 and Miss almost 13 came into my life, I was a high-flying Corporate Travel Consultant. When I went to the USA I stocked up on Estee Lauder, when I was in France I bought lot’s of Clarins (mind you, my nose was a little out of joint when the gorgeous Parisienne shop assistants were happy to inform me that Clarins was not one of the ‘best’ brands available and was not good enough to grace the shelves of the beautiful department stores but was relegated to chemists and the like).

Airports full of Duty Free goodies were always tempting me. My perfume collection was huge, and admittedly it still as I just can’t downgrade myself to wear cheap perfume. I have so many wonderful scents, and have shed many tears about fav’s that have been discontinued such as Tuscany per Donna and Dioressence……….

Back to the current day, and things have changed a lot. I no longer use Estee Lauder or Clarins, and I don’t think my skin is any the worse for it. I have been blessed with quite oily skin, even though most 47 year olds don’t have to wash their hair everyday so they don’t look like a walking oil well, I don’t have many wrinkles for my age either.

Some of many favourite products are possibly the cheapest around, and month after month they do exactly what I want them to do so I am sticking with them and my budget is VERY happy about that.

First Stop Aldi!


Lacura Foaming Cleansing Gel is only $3.99 from Aldi and is a really gentle gel cleanser that gets used in the shower everyday. It does not leave your skin feeling tight, just beautifully cleansed. The matching Gentle Exfoliating Gel is also gentle and effective and is also only $3.99.

I have always been astonished at the price of deodorants, especially the spray-on variety. I really detest sticky, mucky roll-on’s, so was very happy to discover a fabulous aerosol for only $2.29. I need a very strong deodorant to stay fresh though the day and this one does the job. Particularly like the scent of the lilac coloured can.

Brilliant Bargain Find


When it comes to moisturisers, I have struggled to find one that is not too heavy for my very oily skin. Quite a while ago I stumbled across Natures Organics Moisturiser lurking on the bottom shelf of the supermarket. No doubt it was the “Sale” price tag that caught my eye first, but then three things jumped out and said “Buy Me”!!!. Firstly it is in a pump pack and I am totally addicted to products in pump packs, so easy to use, and the label included the words ‘sensitive’ and ‘light’. For around $4.00 you get a whopping 250ml that lasts for ages. It really is light and disappears nicely into my skin, without adding an oil slick layer that I am more than capable of producing on my own, definately don’t need any outside help on that one! Natures Organics also have a pump pack face wash, plus the other usual matching products, which will no doubt make their way into my shopping trolley in the near future.

Not all bargains are good value, but these products really are and definately worth a try.

What is your favourite Bargain Beauty Buy?





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