Cleaning Up, Clearing Out, Creating Cash!

I love having a good clean out, and every time I do this I am amazed at the amout of STUFF that lerks in cupboards and drawers that I have not used in ages and probably will never use again!

This time the CLEARING has a different meaning and is all part of my moving on from being a married women to one on my own. When my husband left, he only took a few personal items, as he did not move into his own house. Everything was left here with me, and I did not dare get rid of anything in case he may want it.

Just over a year later, he has moved into his own place, and has chosen to buy everything new, representing a new start in life and that leaves me with lot’s of things that I just don’t want or need anymore, they suited our life then, but do not fit now!

So what to do?

Normally, I would just gather everything together and drop it off at the local charity bin, but not this time. Some of these items are in superb condition and of value, not the sort of things you usually donate.

It did not take long for me to discover amazing ways of moving stuff and turning it in to cold hard cash!

Time to fill the Piggy Bank……..

EBAY – I have been a BIGGGGG fan of Ebay for many years, definately more for snagging bargains, rather than selling, but have moved things successfully before. Thanks to the pressure of other online sales opportunities, Ebay has come to the party and you can now list 30 items per month for FREE! So if your item does not sell it has not cost you a penny, noice..

GUMTREE – I opened an account a while ago, but did not really use it much. Listed dinner sets, crystal glasses etc and they were gone! Selling locally means you don’t have to wrap ungainly items that will probably be destroyed by Australia Post!

FACEBOOK – No, and I don’t mean trying to flog your stuff to your friends and family. A few simple searches lead to online garage sale sights, some even area specific, so you know that the shoppers live within pretty close proximity to you, so increases your chances of moving them. My daughter has been having a great time getting rid of unwanted clothes, make up and fashion jewellery using these sights.

Collecting clutter keeps energy stuck, if you want more or you want change, then you have to make room for it! Having a clean out is liberating, and I am now willing to invite change through my doors……how about you?

Have you got any other ways of moving your junk for cash?


4 thoughts on “Cleaning Up, Clearing Out, Creating Cash!

  1. Fab post – I am in a similar situation and it has been pure laziness on my part as I have been dropping bags of ‘stuff’ off at charity shops but I should find the time to list some of it on auction sites.
    Thanks for the gentle nudge 🙂 x

    1. Hi Lisa, it has taken me a while to take action, but the time finally arrived and I actually enjoying it!

  2. great post 🙂 I need a clean out too – we have a house impossible to keep tidy because of to many things …
    Enjoy your weekend!!!

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