Simple Solutions For Tummy Troubles

From belly-aches to bloating, tummy troubles can cause great discomfort.

There are so many reasons your stomach might be unsettled, such as simply eaten too much, had something a bit too spicy for you or caught a tummy ‘bug’, these easy solutions could help you feel much more comfortable.


Easy ways to overcome stomach pain


FRESH CORIANDER – Easy to grow and often found in Thai dishes, eating fresh coriander will aid digestion of food and can improve appetite. It is very helpful in preventing gas building up in the intestines, and helps expel wind from the bowels. Very helpful in relieving stomach aches.

CORIANDER SEEDS – Chew on a couple of coriander seeds after a meal to help prevent heartburn and indigestion.

CHAMOMILE TEA – Make a cup of chamomile tea to get relief from colic, gas, diarrhoea, cramps, indigestion and irritable bowl syndrome.

FLAT LEMONADE – Getting over a bout of tummy bugs or food poisoning can leave you struggling to keep anything down. Flat lemonade gives you some sugar to help boost your lagging energy levels and will often stay down.

PROBIOTICS – When the levels of bacteria in your gut are in short supply, you will often experience bloating and gas. This will often occur if you have taken a dose of anti-biotics or your diet is full of processed foods. Eating fresh natural yoghurt or taking a supplement will help to replenish supply and will also give your immune system a welcome boost.

GREEN PAPAYA – In South America this fruit is the go-to natural solution that they swear by. This unripened fruit if full of powerful enzymes that are very beneficial for bloating, nausea, flatulence and stomach cramping. Unfortunately the ripened fruit has lost the enzymes in the process.

ALOE VERA JUICE – Is soothing on the skin and soothing to an upset tummy. It is very helpful for constipation, bloating, gas and cramping.

PEPPERMINT TEA – Is another helpful tea for tummies. Excellent for easing constipation, gas and bloating. It is the perfect choice of tea to drink after a large meal that leaves you feeling uncomfortable.

FRESH GINGER – Grated fresh ginger stir-fried with fresh greens is a great light meal to help ease stomach upsets. You can also use grated ginger to make a tea. It has fabulous anti-inflammatory properties that help sooth discomfort.

GINGER TEA – This tea is a favourite to help ease travel sickness and queasy stomach’s from being out on the water or whilst flying.

BURNT TOAST – A dose of charcoal will help a tummy that might be feeling a little queasy following just a few too many cocktails. Charcoal absorbs alcohol and will help it clear your system. You can also try all of the above!

How do you settle a funny tummy?

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14 thoughts on “Simple Solutions For Tummy Troubles

  1. That a great list of suggestions there Nikki! I have started having a few tablespoons of Kimchi (fermented vegetables) with 1-2 meals per day – great for gut health and I absolutely love the taste of Kimchi! 🙂

  2. Great post. I have lots of tummy troubles as I get older. I can’t go past peppermint or ginger tea (hot or cold) or just in water. And of course the good old probiotics. I knew charcoal was good but never thought of ginger toast. What a great idea. My Nana always said grated green apple too – and a TCM friend says that’s right on the money. Thanks for posting, good for little and ageing tummies too.

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