Budget Beauty Hacks That Work

With so many beauty products on the market promising amazing results, you could spend a fortune.

Many of them do not deliver outstanding results either.

Most of these clever items you might already have at home, if not they are super cheap to buy.

Budget Beauty Hacks

1. TOOTHPASTE – Plain white toothpaste (not the gel variety) does a wonderful job drying out pimples fast. Apply a small amount on to a pimple before going to sleep. Toothpaste is also a quick and easy helper in getting your jewellery to sparkle. If your bling is looking a little dull, dab a small amount onto an old toothbrush and gently scrub each piece. Rinse well and pat dry.

2. HYDROGEN PEROXIDE – Soak a cotton wool ball and apply to finger nails that have yellowed or stained to get them looking white again. Bottle blondes that have got a tinge of blue to their hair after toning can apply a little to their hair by mixing a little in to your shampoo to banish the blue. Mix a little with Bi-carb Soda in a small dish and use this to brush your teeth to help whiten them.

3. BI-CARB SODA – Is a great scrub to help remove the left over blotches of a fake tan and easily removes dry and scaly skin cells.

4. OLIVE OIL – Makes a fabulous deep conditioning treatment for dry or over-processed hair. Simply apply to hair and wrap in cling wrap and leave for 30 minutes then wash as usual. It also is a very effective make-up remover. For really dry skin, add 1/2 cup to a warm bath and enjoy a soak.

5. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR – Hair that is lacking shine or suffering from the frizzies, apple cider vinegar is an easy solution to remove excess product build up. Instead of washing your hair in the normal way. Use a cup of vinegar instead. Try this once a week.

6. CHAMOMILE TEA – Is a natural anti-inflammatory and provides great relief for irritated skin. Dampened tea bags are very helpful in reducing puffy eyes.

7. SALT – Mix with a little oil to make a very effective body scrub. Dissolve a little in boiling water and when it has cooled bath eye’s that have a stye.

8. VASELINE – Is often a go to product for dry and cracked lips, but it is also a fabulous helper for heels that need a little TLC.

What is your favourite bargain beauty helper?

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5 thoughts on “Budget Beauty Hacks That Work

  1. Some of these ideas are fantastic! Love the one about vinegar for the hair and chamomile for the eyes. My eyes particularly have been carrying some serious dark circles lately!

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