Feng Shui For Friendship

Good friends are an important part of a happy life.

Having special people in your life that support you through the good and bad times is a gift that must be treasured.

If you would love to increase your social circle, strengthen the bonds with the friends you have now or even repair a friendship that has collapsed, try a little Feng Shui in your home.

Best of all these suggestions don’t require you to fill your home with Asian style symbols that might not suit your style.

Easy ways to activate good friendship Feng Shui

The first step towards activating Feng Shui for friendships is to locate the area of your home that is in the South.

This is easy to do by simply standing in the middle of your home and then with the help of a compass (if you don’t have an actual compass, most smart phones have one included).

When you have worked out which part of your home is located in the South, have a good look at the objects/ornaments that dominate in this area. Do you have lot’s of solitary items or are their groups of things?

If you see lot’s of single items this may already reflect your standing in the friendship department.

This is one area of your home that would benefit from displaying pairs or groups of items.


The south area of your home is the perfect place to display pictures of people having fun.

Photo’s from events or outings where you had a lot of fun can be printed out and put on display.

Artwork featuring a group of people enjoying a meal together or dancing would also be effective.

Just make sure they all look happy.

Traditional Feng Shui would include a display including a rooster.

If you have a country style décor, include pictures or ornaments of roosters and chickens. These would like right at home here.

A painting or print that featured a flock of birds would also work well.

Display an image of a peacock in the south of your home for friendship success feng shui

Another powerful image is that of the peacock. Stunningly beautiful, he is never alone with lot’s of ‘eyes’ with him where ever he goes.

NOTE – If the south area of your home includes a bathroom, laundry or kitchen, do not try to activate friendship luck in these areas. Instead, use the south area of your living room as the space in your home to add these features.

Friends must be nurtured, and these Feng Shui tips will help you continue to grow and find time to look after those special people in your life.

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10 thoughts on “Feng Shui For Friendship

  1. My south area contains a kitchen and upstairs my bathroom. The south section of my living room has a massive buddha art work that is in the best place. Does this mean there is no room for friendships!!! 🙁

    1. Sorry for taking so long to reply, I found your comment in the spam folder. One thing you can try and add into your south area is a picture of a group of happy people.

  2. We are moving to our new house . I have a daughter who have no neighborhood friends and so she feels lonely. How to attract some neighborhood friends for her?

    1. Hi Subha, one way you can help attract some friends for her is to place a picture of a group of young girls having fun in the south area of your home or living room. Good luck with the move.

  3. Hi Nikki,

    Thank you for this, please could you assist, I am a little confused. I have a double story home, firstly is south the traditional compass south or the Bagua map south? secondly, if its the bagua map, then do I place the images of friends on the downstairs south wall?, the upstairs south wall? or the south wall of my childs room?

    looking forward to your response

    1. Hi Tracy, the compass and bagua direction of south is the same thing, the bagua just allows you to map out how much of your home actually falls into the south sectore. It is always advisable to not place cures or enhancers into a bedroom, so the south wall downstairs or the south wall of your living room would be the best choices. Hope that helps, cheers Nikki.

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