3 Reasons Why You Should Return To Study

3 Reasons Why You Should Return To Study

Work hard or hit the books? Sometimes the decision is easy. However if you aren’t quite sure which way to go, here are three great reasons to hit the books, hard! This post is in collaboration with Careers Australia.


1. Returning to Work

Let’s face it – life doesn’t always go to plan. Whether you’ve been out of work for a while or maybe returning to the workforce sooner than expected, studying can provide you with the training and skills you need to get started again. There are a wide variety of courses to choose from, flexible study options and even financial assistance options so you can make the course work for you. Many workplaces look for higher education as they provide relevant skills that can be to the advantage of an employer when returning to the workforce. Returning to study also shows a willingness to undertake possible study in the future for work-related progress. If you’ve been thinking your previous position wasn’t for you, studying provides a great opportunity to explore your options to ensure your next career path has everything you could want and more!

2.Advance or Change Your Career

Do you ever wonder about the changes you would make in the workplace? Thinking it’s time to change careers? Returning to study is one way to help further your career and make the changes you want to see. If your current industry is the right place for you, upskilling is a great way to advance your career. Many institutions such as Careers Australia offer a wide range of courses in business and management that will help you move up the corporate ladder. Before a complete change in career paths, be sure you are well equipped with the skills necessary for the job. Going back to the books may seem like a hard process, but with flexible options such as online study means you can be on your way to gaining the skills you need and still being able to pay the bills.

3. Connections

They say it’s who you know, not what you know. While returning to study increases your skills, it also gives you a chance to make industry connections that you may not meet otherwise. Lecturers, tutors, even fellow students are all valuable connections that will be your future link to the world of your chosen industry. Returning to study also connects you to valuable resources such as career counsellors and other facilities including programs to help prepare you for interviews and resume writing. Your chosen institution may also hold career fairs which are a great opportunity to meet industry professionals and gain insight into the steps to achieve your dream job. From the people to the facilities, returning to study can open up a whole new network of contacts to help further your aspirations.

Whatever life throws at you, be sure the ball lands in your court. A little extra study can go a long way to a new and happy career! Have you ever returned to study? Feel free to share how your studies have helped you!

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