My ‘WORD’ for 2013!

This morning I was reading through my Facebook pages’s newfeed and came across a post all about choosing a single word that would become your mantra for the year.

Unfortunately, I was distracted from my computer, and when I returned, my newsfeed updated and even though I scrolled through my feed, refreshed my feed, and searched through links, I could not find that post. I would have loved to share the post with you and thank the poster, but I can’t remember who it was.

This post got me thinking, was there one single word that collects together all that I want to achieve in 2013 and how I want to go about it. Lot’s of words and phrases came to mind, but not a single magical word that would cover it all sprang to mind. Until now….


2012 has NOT been an easy year for me. I have had to do lot’s of things that I would have rather ignored. I had to put my big girl pants on and make some phone calls, wrote some letters and just simply dealt with things from the past that needed facing.

The beauty of all this action is that everything is not yet exactly as I would like it too be, but things are calm and in place and I don’t have to stress and worry about them.

Being a control freak can really make life much tougher than it needs to be. I tend to dwell on past mistakes, worry about the future instead of living in the now and enjoying how far I have come.

So a new plan of attack is being heralded in with the New Year.

2013 is going to be my EASY year!!!!!!!!!!!!

EASY will be my mantra, I will breathe it, sing it, dance to it, focus on it, and fully embrace it.

I deserve it!

What is going to be your magical WORD that becomes your mantra for 2013?

4 thoughts on “My ‘WORD’ for 2013!

  1. I love that word! Great choice!
    I just read Janine at Shambolic Living’s post about her word for next year and she got me thinking about what mine would be. I think it would be “direction”

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