How To Have Mangoes All Year Round!

Mangoes are one of my favourite summer fruits!

This year we have been blessed with an abundance of mangoes in the shops at very reasonable prices.

Apart from eating them just as they are, mangoes are one of our favourite fruits to put in our fruit slushies.


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Before the weather has even cooled down the mango season is over and for months you can only dream about these luscious yummies.

A few years ago I was given a tray of mangoes that were just about past it. There was no way in the world that I was letting them go in the bin, but I was not eating 20 mangoes in a day or two.

I peeled them, removed the stone and cut them in slices. Each mango was wrapped in a few layers of cling wrap and I put them in the freezer. Well that worked a treat. Every time we wanted to make a slushie, we just took one of the mangoes out of the freezer, popped it in to the blender with some other fruits.

They are a little bit softer when defrosted, but still very lush, and can be pureed into a lovely sauce to drizzle over icecream or tart.

Grab a mango today and make our fav slushie at the moment…


1 Mango – cleaned and sliced, 1 handful of frozen Blackberries, 1 cup of tropical fruit juice, 2 handfuls of ice.

Simply place all ingredients in the blender until mixed. A perfect icy treat for this really hot weather.

What is your favourite mango treat?

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