Ten Worst Hairstyles of 2013

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Ten Worst Hairstyles of 2013

2013 had some wonderful hairstyles. Jennifer Lawrence and Pamela Anderson chopped off their locks, and Jennifer Anniston deserted the Rachel look. But among the show stopping dos, there were some unfortunate mishaps. Here are the ten worst hairstyles of 2013.


Lady Gaga’s Updo

She’s renown for her wacky style, but unfortunately, Lady Gaga’s updo on the red carpet failed to impress anyone. With two huge bunches of hair strung up messily on either side, and some kind of clam shell in the middle, she looked more like an unfortunate Minnie Mouse impersonator.

Britney’s Bangs

Bangs are a great look, they can spruce up any old do. But sometimes, people get them wrong. Bangs are most flattering when they flow. Rough, wavy, heavy bangs that frame the face are ideal. Unfortunately, Britney’s bangs on The X Factor were stiff, hard and robotic.

Miley’s Spikes

We get it, she likes to push the boundaries. The miniature pigtails verged on failure, but the spikes were well and truly there.

Nikki Minaj’s Curls

Another boundary pusher. Just like Gaga, Nikki likes to push her looks to the extremes. But unfortunately her bleached curls with obvious regrowth didn’t have the desired effect. Maybe next time, Nikki.

Lady Gaga’s Dreadlocks

Sadly, when your image is founded on shocking looks and outrages hairstyles, you’re bound to make the fail list more than once. Gaga’s white dreadlocks were out of this world, and not in a good way. It was as if Medusa had emerged, dishevelled, from the sea.

Amanda Bynes

It looks like outrageous dos are sweeping Hollywood. But Amanda’s grey/blue wig didn’t provide the wow factor she may had expected. People were shocked, and everyone talked about it. But unfortunately for her, it was more in pity than admiration.

Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Shaved Sides

Unless you’re heavily tattooed and alternative, you really shouldn’t shave half of your hair. Short or long, not both. The shaved around the edges look is strangely alienesque. This look didn’t do it for many people, but there may be some Star Trek fans out there that things it’s the best thing ever.

Rihanna’s Mullet

She can be very versatile when it comes to her looks. But nobody, and I mean nobody, can pull of a mullet. There is nothing attractive about it. Rihanna may have thought she was awesome enough to make it work, but she’s not. No-one is.

Anne Hathaway’s Bleached Blonde Look

Bleached blonde hair is tricky business. You do it wrong, and you end up looking trashy. You do it right, and it costs you huge amounts of money and you may still end up looking trashy – especially if you’re a natural brunette. This was the case for Anne. Rather than classy, cute – whatever she was going for – she ended up looking drained of life and class.

Alicia Keys’ Bowl Cut

There is only one thing to be said for a woman with a bowl cut. Why? Alicia could have chosen any look and probably pulled it off. But the bowl cut is something no human can look good with.

Perhaps outrageous looks are on the rise, and we’ll all just get used to them. But that’s going to take some time as well as a few more years of shock horror. Terrified of looking like one of these unfortunate celebrities? Find out how to get the most out of your locks with BioTHIK

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