How to Host a Kickass Dinner Party

How to Host a Kickass Dinner Party

Having a dinner party conjures up images of sitting around your perfectly set table, enjoying fabulous food and fine conversation with friends. But the reality can be very different! Burnt food, bored guests and uncomfortable silences can definitely put a dampener on your dinner party. So, how do you host a kickass dinner party?

The difference between a successful dinner party and a train wreck is often in the planning.


Setting the Scene

Atmosphere is everything. Dress up your table and add mood lighting with well-placed lamps. Add candles and flowers for a romantic feel. Use colour to create a table that everyone will enjoy. There are so many table settings, ornaments and dining accessories available that you will be spoilt for choice. Check out Super A-Mart for some inspirational ideas.

Pre-cook the Food Where Possible

Preparing the food before the party will allow you to spend times with guests instead of sweating away in the kitchen. It will also help alleviate stress.

The Menu

When deciding on the menu for your party there will be a number of factors to consider. Will there be children? Is the party casual? If so, finger foods will work well. If it’s a formal affair you will probably opt for a sit down dinner, something like a roast with all the trimmings.

Once you have decided on your menu you should make a list of all the ingredients you require. Go shopping well ahead of time to ensure you have everything you need. It is often the extras that create the ‘wow’ factor at a dinner party, so pay attention to spices, garnishes and sauces.

Whatever menu you decide on, make sure you test the recipe before the big night. It is best to be experienced at cooking the meals you will be serving. You may even wish to employ the services of a caterer for your dinner party.

Theme It

Having a theme for your dinner party is often a lot of fun. You can plan meals, decorations and music to fit in with your chosen theme. You can even consider asking guests to dress up in costumes to fit the theme. It’s a great idea to choose a country as a theme, Italy for example, and serve Italian food on red checked tablecloths.

Who to Invite

A key ingredient to a successful dinner party is your guest list. You need the right mix of guests, people who will enjoy spending time together and will be able to make conversation with one another. Also give some thought to how many people to invite. Make sure you can comfortably accommodate and feed the number of guests you invite.

Clean the House

The day before the party do a thorough clean of your home. Pay especial attention to areas where your guests will see, like the toilet and bathroom, the entrance-way and the dining room. Also make sure that your cutlery and crockery are freshly cleaned and that glassware is polished.

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