Looking Fabulous Not Frumpy In My 40’s!

Clothes shopping and I used to be the best of friends, regular outings provided a regular supply of new goodies to wear, BUT at 48 I am having a little trouble finding things that make me feel fabulous when I wear them, not like a frump or a tizzed up teen!

I have always preferred a more classic style of dressing, even when I was young, you would find me in a beautifully cut skirt and a smart shirt as I dashed out to work. Even though I am not skinny, I don’t like hiding behind a flowy caftany style top or dress that are so popular at the moment. I like things to fit!

Yesterday, one of my best buddies and I enjoyed a lovely coffee (and a ‘I can’t not have one’ Vanilla Slice from the Shingle Inn), we had time to spare and have a little wander around our local shopping centre. Target is closing down at the end of the month and are having a BIG closing down sale, and sift through the racks we did, but it really felt like we were in our local op shop, everything was messy and neither of us found a single bargain that we just had to take home.

Off to Myer we go, and as we both do, we headed straight to the Regatta section, as we both like their style and fit. Again, nothing there that to send the cash registers ringing.

As we were heading to handbag’s, we passed through the Kimiko racks and I stopped dead in my tracks. I must have my head buried in the fashion sand, as I had never heard of this brand before, but my friend new it well.

Rack after rack of absolutely gorgeous dresses, fabulously fitting pants and pretty tops. OH OH! I have found a new addiction!


Now this little number is sooooooooo me. $139.00 from Myer!

I honestly could have bought just about every item on the racks, but lucky for m. my size must be very popular as there was not a lot available, and as they were having a special offer, no surprise, but I will be back, stalking the racks for new seasons stock which should arrive next month.

Help me out here, where else can I find awesome fashion for a lady that loves to look good, but not ready for the retirement home just yet? 🙂

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