Just Breathe – The Science Behind The Saying.

‘Just Breathe’ – you hear it all the time, to help you relax, to unwind, to de-stress.

Easier said than done when you are all wound up!

Big deep breathes is not just for yogi’s and mediators, it is a simple tool that is valuable for everyone.


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When you are stressed your breath becomes short and shallow. These type of breath’s trigger the release of adrenalin. Your body is then in ‘fight’ mode, your muscles constrict and your heart rate rises, getting ready to try and protect you from what ever threat is on it’s way.

Taking big, deep, slow breath’s turns off the release of adrenalin and allows your body to relax and let go, believing that it is no longer under attack.

Big deep breathes nourishs every cell with calm and relaxation.

Here are few handy tips to help you change your focus and relax your breath:-

* Place one drop of Lavender pure essential oil on the palm of your hand. Cup your hands over your nose and mouth as you start to take slow breath’s. Lavender is very calming, and will help relieve tension quickly.

* Try and change focus on what is annoying you. Close your eyes, take big, slow breath’s and recite either of the following,       ‘This too shall pass’ or ‘All is well’, both help to re-affirm that everything is ok and will help your body release the need to stand on guard.

* Gently cleanse your fist and in circular clockwise motions over the heart area, recite ‘I am safe’.

Deep breathing is vital for your health and well-being, staying tense contracts your energy, keeping you stuck in the negative.

Go and get breathing now! 🙂

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