The Best App On My Iphone!


I love my Iphone, but in all honesty do not have it full of app’s like many others do. But that is changing, FAST!

A couple of months ago I found out about “APP OF THE DAY“.

This app is free to download, and then every day, you get a paid app for free. For 24 hours, what ever the app is they are offering, it’s yours if you want it. If you don’t, just click out of it and wait until tomorrow’s offering is added.

I am not really big on gaming, I love them, but they chew up so much time, and I really can’t spare it. If you love games or have kids that do  then you will love all the free games you can add to your phone.


I made this is cute little pic with Pimp My Name – Free!

I have got the ultimate conversion tool for weights, measures, temperature etc. – Free!

An awesome list making app – Free!

A great photo editor – Free!

An app that lets me blue tooth a document to my printer – Free!

An app that scans a page and coverts it to a PDF – Free!

Just to make it really fun, at the top of the app on the main page is a little pink piggy and it shows you how much you have saved downloading free apps!

I simply love a bargain, free is even better. Grab this app and everyday a new surprise awaits.

What apps can’t you live without?

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