It’s Physie Finals Time And The Fever Has Hit This Home!

Have you ever heard of Physie?

More than likely NOT!

 Phyie Fever has hit this house hard, and once it gets it’s teeth into you it’s like drugs – you are hooked and your life will never be the same!

Physie takes over your life when it comes to the business end of the year – NATIONALS!

My blog is suffering from lack of posts, my ironing pile keeps growing (and I am sure the clothes are having babies), house work is ignored and I am exhausted, and I am not even the one competing.

Miss WW is 16 and in 1st Year Seniors, and last weekend, armed with cans of spray on tan, cans of hairspray and every Red and White coloured article of clothing we own, headed to Sydney for the competition at Homebush, Sydney – Nationals Qualifying.

87 girls in Miss WW’s section hit the floor to do their best Physie in the hope of receiving one of the most important prizes in the world of Physie – the golden envelope – your spot in the National Finals, at the Sydney Opera House.

Miss WW is in her 5th year of Physie, and she got her envelope, so tomorrow, we pack our bags and on the plane we go again, back to Sydney and all the pomp and ceremony which goes hand in hand with the famous Opera House.

A year of hard work, all boils down to 15 minutes on the most famous stage in Australia and the chance to win or place at Nationals.

For us (the physie mums) we hold our breath, try and keep calm and drink another glass of wine, hoping that it will be our daughter that succeeds, fingers and toes are crossed, and good luck my beautiful girl, your dream is coming true!

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