How To Overcome ‘Blogger Block’ – Creating A Box Of Inspiration And Ideas!

Continually coming up with idea’s for blog posts can be really hard work!!!!!!

Some days I could fill a notebook with idea’s and theme’s and on other days, I stare down at my laptop and not a single idea will flow towards me.

I love blogging, and would love to post everyday, but sometimes life just gets in the way. Being a single mother of two gorgeous girls, my days are pretty jamm packed with work and running a household.

A while ago, I was sorting through a big pile of magazines. Normally I would probably just tear out recipies that I like, or maybe an inspiring home decor idea. This time I took it a step further and chopped out anything that inspired me, made me smile or simply opened the door to a post that I could create.

My magic box of tricks is born!

I collect magazine articles, pretty pictures, inspiring quotes, newspaper clippings or anything else that takes my fancy.

Whenever I cannot think of my next post, I just flick through the collection and something always provides the inspiration I need to create a post. Then I simply through that piece of paper out, so I have room to add more! I can be a bit of a hoarder, so this is great practice for me in decluttering.

I also use a To-Do list notebook, that I simply jot down a title/heading when the idea’s pop in to my head and then I cross them out when they have become a post. Between the two it keeps me going!

What brilliant ways do you collect idea’s for your posts?


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