Bottle Feeding Your Baby Can Be The Best Choice For You And Your Baby!

Breast Feeding V Bottle Feeding – A Trip Down Guilt Lane Or The Perfect Solution?

It’s in the news, in every magazine, in every book ever written about pregnancy and babies – we must breastfeed our babies!

BUT for many mothers out there, breastfeeding just does not cut it as the perfect solution for feeding your precious child.

When my first daughter was born, I had all intentions to breastfeed, I knew it was a natural and healthy way to give your baby the best nutritional start in life, but someone forgot to tell my boobs that it was meant to be that way and the struggle began!

Latching on was my first big hurdle, I might have big boobs, but only small nipples, so it took the nurses many trips to my bedside to get Miss WW to latch on properly, but eventually we both got the hang of it and I thought all my problems were over and I was going to be the perfect breastfeeding mum……WRONG!!!!!

Only a couple of weeks old and starting to grow, Miss WW was not a happy girl, my milk supply was not growing with her. I tried everything I could to improve my supply, but it did not happen so on the suggestion those in the know, I started to supplement feed with a bottle…… happy baby resulted from a full belly!

When Miss WW was about 3 months old, from one feed to the next my supply completely disappeared. Not a single drop was there. No logical reason why, no trauma, no illness, basically no damn idea, it just happened.

I was disappointed and felt guilty and still to this day have no idea why my milk supply did what it did, but fortunately Miss WW was used to the bottle, and she continued to thrive.

3 1/2 years later when Miss WW number 2 joined our family, the feeding story was almost identical.

The reason why I wanted to share my story with you was baby no. 1 is now almost 17 and baby no. 2 is 13 and they are both in excellent health, achieving way above average at school, have no social or development issues and are damn good, well behaved girls that I am so proud of.

Bottle feeding does not automatically sentance your children to life of poor health, under development, or under acheivement.

Breast feeding is easier, if it works properly for you, but if it does not, embrace the alternative that WILL allow your children to thrive and give others the chance to bond with your baby, as anyone can bottlefeed a baby, and very special moments will be created for those that can share the duty, and possibly allow you to get a little more well deserved sleep 🙂

The internet is full of information about breastfeeding, but the same can’t be said for bottlefeeding, but a very useful resource that will help answer your questions and provide support is so stop feeling guilty and get on with enjoying your baby!

Did you have the bottlefeeding blues?

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