How To Give Your Hair A Shimmery Glow Instantly!

Hair chalk is all the rage at the moment, amoungst teens and tweens.

But no way in the world am I going to walk out the door with fluro pink or green stripes in my hair, I would look like a very troubled tiger!

My daughter loves adding some hot pink on the tips of her hair and that looks kind of cool on a 14 year old.

An awesome new product is available that will give your hair a lovely shimmery, sparkly glow….HAIR CHALK for big girls, yay!

bugsKevin Murphy Colour Bug goes glam!

Easy to apply by simply ‘wiping’ your hair over the cute little pod, and your hair will have that sun-kissed look. If you don’t want to take the glow to the office on Monday, simply wash your hair and it is gone.

This is most effective on dark hair, but will still add shimmer to light hair, so you look as though you have just spent the day on a tropical island!

Can be purchased in Australia from Adore Beauty for $24.95, with free Australian delivery! (Not sponsered) 🙂

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