Wonderful Affirmations For Making More Money!

Affirmations are a powerful tool for chaning any life situation that is not working out the way you would like it to be!

Money is one of those things that many of us have a stumbling block with, when reality bites, and there is not enough coin at the end of the day to pay all those bills or build our savings.

The little voice inside your head loves to chatter away, with naughty little reminders such as :-

“I can’t afford it”, “I never have enough“, “I can’t pay those bills”, “There is never enough”, and on and on the reminders keep occuring, often accompanied by feelings of fear and pain!

I have made some silly money mistakes in the past that have caused much pain and anguish. Changing my beliefs and feelings about cold hard cash, have not been easy, but definately worth it!

I don’t care what anyone says about the downside of having lot’s of cash! I can guarantee you they don’t have much. Money gives you freedom to do things when you want, to buy things you love, and to share that joy with others.

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The most important thing to remember when using affirmations, is to get some postive feelings happening when you recite them. You can talk through them over and over, but if you can feel pain, discomfort or dread as you say them, they are not helping you just hindering.

When I first started using affirmation to change the way I think, I often found that I felt worse when I used them. My brain wanted to remind me that there was NO WAY you can acheive any of that. Bad money memories have a way of reminding you that they are there, by simply making you feel lousy. One way I found eased the discomfort was to add the word ‘becoming‘ into my affirmations, for example……”I am debt free” was softened to “I am becoming debt free” and this is more believable and caused less discomfort.


I am abundant, prosperous and wealth

“I love having money”

Money is fun

I am ready, willing and able to attract money into my life NOW!”

It is my birth right to be wealthy

It is my devine destiny to be rich

I am a debt free millionaire

My wealth allows me to tranform my life and that of others

“My savings are growing rapidly”

Money loves me

I am so grateful for all the money that flows into my life now

My investments keep multiplying

I am now a money magnet

I deserve unlimited abundance

It is a wonderful feeling knowing I am financially free forever

I have so many ways that money flows to me

My money continues to grow and multiply

I believe in unlimited possibilities and opportunities

My net worth is growing every day

“I give myself permission to be rich

I am a good money manager

I am worthy of wealth

I am prosperous

Pick and choose, or use them all. Focus on what you do want financially, not on where you are or where you have been.

Only YOU have the power to change your thoughts and feelings in regards to money. If you want more, start ‘talking’ yourself into it. We all deserve abundance and the joys it can bring.

Do you let money fears control your thoughts?

9 thoughts on “Wonderful Affirmations For Making More Money!

  1. I like to tell myself that things will improve when a life insurance comes to fruition. As a pensioner, I can’t hope for much else. I try to believe my books will sell soon. Sometimes I’m positive. However, a positive frame of mind hasn’t worked so far. Parience is a virtue and I’m running out of time.

  2. In my practice, we take affirmations to the next level and literally plug them into the energy of the client, resulting in an immediate creation of the neurotransmitters needed to bring the event about. In the process, we clear all the energetic blocks preventing the affirmation from becoming the reality. It’s really a cool process! Great post! #UBC
    Loretta Smith, Certified SimplyHealed Practitioner®

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