How To Make A Handy Hair Clip Holder.

With two daughters that both have long hair, for as long as I can remember hairclips and boby pins can be found everywhere!

The vacuum cleaner and I have been at war more than once, with hairclips that have got caught in the hose.

This handy holder is easy to make and will help to keep all the gorgeous hair accessories that girls have these days in one convenient place.


An easy way to keep clips organised!


1 Bamboo Placemat

4 Lengths of Ribbon (20cm longer than the length of your placemat)

Craft Glue


– Take one length of ribbon and weave it through the first slot until 10cm remains.

– Tie a knot in the ribbon.

– Tuck the small leftover end of the ribbon through the know and trim off.

– Weave the ribbon through the placemat to make little ‘pockets’

– When you get to the end, pull the ribbon tight and knot the other end.

– Using a little drop of craft glue, dab it on underneath the knots, so that the ribbons hold in their spots, otherwise they will slide up and down.

– If you like you can use an extra piece of ribbon about 30cm long and feed it through an end in the middle until you have it even on both sides, tie a knot, at the base, and then you can use this to hang the holder on a hook, or roll it up and tie it together for travelling.

Very simple but very handy!

Do you find hair clips and bobby pins everywhere?

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