How To Ask Your Intuition For Advice!

Do you struggle to make decisions quickly?

Sometimes we have to make choices and the longer we think about the question our logical brain will throw so many negatives our way you can talk yourself out of anything!

This could mean you miss out on golden opportunities or amazing experiences because we can’t make the decision to take action, incase it is not the best thing for us.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get the perfect advice every time?

How to ask your intuition for advice

Our intuition or gut feeling will ALWAYS guide us in the right direction.

Unfortunately good old powerful ego will throw you lot’s of curve balls to try and keep you safe and in the same spot you are right now, as then it has done it’s job perfectly.

Learning to trust your intuition is a powerful tool and this exercise I discovered whilst snuggled up in bed on a cold Friday night catching up on my IPad magazine collection is simply awesome. O Magazine does an fabulous job blending practical stuff with a little ‘woo woo’ goodness. Just my style.

Anyway, even though I was warm and cosy, I jumped out of bed to try this to see if it worked.


– Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and stand up tall but relaxed.

– Have your arms relaxed by your sides.

– Close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths in and out.

– Think about something that is really bad for you. Like drink driving, or eating chocolate for breakfast everyday. You can think about the particular thing or post it as a question. ‘Should I drink and drive?

– Focus on the question or thing and feel how your body moves.

– Yes, it will move! (Kind of freaky, but very fun).

– Bring your body back to centre.

– Think about something that is really good for you. Like eating lots of vegetables or drinking plenty of water.

 – Focus on that thought and see how your body moves this time.

Try it BEFORE you scroll down to see what it means.










ALMOST everyone will feel their body lean backwards when they focus on something that is not good for them. Your intuition is telling you ‘back away’ from that which is not good for you.

When you focus on something that is good for you, you will most likely lean forward as your intuition is telling you that this is good for you so go ahead and grab it.

Don’t worry if your body did move in a different way. Just try the exercise a few more times and learn to read the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ signals that your body likes to use.

Every time you are faced with a decision, break it down into parts that will be good or not good for you and use this exercise to build confidence in taking action before you will miss out again.

Another great tool you can use for getting answers from the best source, ie YOU is by using a pendulum.

Have fun, and let me know how you go.

xx N

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11 thoughts on “How To Ask Your Intuition For Advice!

  1. This is interesting. As I’ve got older I’ve definitely been able to listen to my intuition better. And it’s never steered me wrong yet! Isn’t it amazing how our bodies react to our minds’ thoughts and feelings without us really knowing it.

  2. Just being quiet seems to be key. I think I need to learn to button it so my gut can be heard!! Thanks for the interesting idea, you can bet I’m gonna try it. x

    1. I was shocked how easily it worked, will be using this a bit I think, as that quiet game is one I really do struggle with. Practice makes perfect and I continually work on it.

  3. I’m really interested in living intuitively and listening to my gut. I wish I could meditate better to help me tune into what my body is telling me. Sounds like a fun little exercise you did. #teamIBOT

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