Goodbye 2015!

Another year has flown by.

I honestly wish I could say it was an awesome year, full of wonderful successes and joyful moments, but I would be lying.

It has honestly been a hard slog.

I can be my own worst enemy and this year I proved how damn good I am at it.

Lots of plans were made, but procrastination and the need for perfection has stopped them becoming reality.

So next year it is time to do things differently and I will be embracing change.

But I need to say goodbye to 2015, remember all the good that came with it, and then give it a big fat kiss and send it on it’s way.


The year started out so awesomely and with so much promise.

I turned the big 5-0 and went to Adelaide with the girls to stay with a very good friend who treated us like royalty.

Turning 50

Lots of Moet was drunk, shops scoured, the sun kept on shining and I got to see the Panda’s at Adelaide Zoo which was just awesome!


Two weeks later Miss WW turned 19 and we had a fabulous cocktail party for her that was a big success.

Not long after she got a brand new car… that smell.

Brand New Car


Early in the year I accidentally stumbled upon a whole new world of planning and organising.

Decorative planning takes keeping a diary to a whole new level.

I joined a heap of Facebook groups as I tried to decide if this was for me.

Thanks to a wonderful lady in the USA, I was gifted a Happy Planner as she had a spare and wanted it to go to someone overseas who did not have access to all the goodies that they have. She picked me, yay!

Decorative planning in the Happy Planner

This is my final week for the year. This planner is an 18 month one, so I still have 12 months to go.

My love for crafting and staying organised has made a huge difference in keeping my life under control.

Every Sunday morning I decorate for the week ahead and I write down everything I have to remember. Since starting this I have for the first time ever actually used a diary for what it is meant to be. In prior years I have always bought a diary and used it faithfully for about 2 weeks and then nothing.


The middle of the year brought a blow I was not expecting. My ex decided to leave his well paying job and start a lawn mowing business.

Goodbye child support payments.

Just another reminder that the lovely man I married and had two gorgeous children with continues his downward spiral into a self-centred, alcoholic asshole!


In July Miss WW (Jnr) turned 16 and after a music themed ‘surprise’ party that her friends organised at my house, promptly got her learners permit… we go again!

Music themed birthday party

The guitar shaped cake was made by a friends mum and was really cool.


The last quarter of the year started with a visit to the Emergency department as I was turning a horrible shade of yellow.

The doctors were convinced I had a tumour on my liver, but after 5 days of fasting and every test known to man, they discovered I had a very angry gallbladder that had completely blocked my bile duct.

Surgery a month later removed that sucker and I am now part of the medical teaching video collection as my case was quite unique.


In the middle of all of this we had to head south.

Miss WW (Snr) is a Physie girl, dance is her creative outlet and each year we have to travel to Sydney every October for Nationals qualifying.

Thanks to a horrible knee injury, she did not make it through. So our next trip to Sydney and the Opera House did not happen. Super sad face.


The festive season rolled on in, but the fun was cut very short when I got one of those early morning calls that nobody wants to receive.

My father had a massive stroke and was not expected to make it through the day.

I honestly thought we would be planning a funeral, not feasting and celebrating as our family usually does.

With luck on our side and my father being very strong and fit, he is still with us and best of all he was released from rehab on Christmas Eve.

His body is working really well and his brain is trying to re-route and repair.

We did have a wonderful Christmas and we are beyond grateful that he was there to share it with us.


The Christmas decorations have been packed away for another year.

Decluttering has begun in earnest.

 I have been holding on to things that should have left my space a long time ago. A trip to the tip with a car full felt fabulous!

Goodbye 2015, your lessons have been learned, bring on 2016!

Did you have an awesome year or did it not quite live up to your plans?

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