How to Sleep Comfortably This Summer!

How To Sleep Comfortably This Summer


When the weight of a sheet feels heavy and you break a sweat every time you roll over, it might be time to rethink your sleep environment this summer. These great ideas are brought to you by Sleepy’s. Even without the luxury if air-conditioning, there are some innovative ways to sleep comfortably in the heat – here are five methods guaranteed to keep you snoozing in a blissful state of cool.

The Basics

As sleep is all about comfort, there’s little point trying to fight the heat if your sleep zone is not conducive to rest. Take a quick audit of your bedroom, clear it of clutter and check the health of your mattress.

The average mattress has a maximum lifespan of 10 years, so if yours is nearing the end of its days and usability, consider a summer upgrade. Mattress specialists like Sleepy’s have a great range and also offer expert assistance to help choose the right one for you.

Go Natural

Summer is no time to think slinky, shiny or even moderately synthetic – natural fibres are far better at combating the heat, so go for cotton or bamboo sheets, light quilts and comfortable bedding. The same goes for your bedtime attire, so look to loose, lightweight cotton for your sleepwear.

Cool Tidings

It’s time to think old school and embrace a pioneering spirit – before electricity what did they do on a sweltering summer’s night? They employed some water coolant.

It’s a great idea to lower your core temperature before you hit the hay, so take a nice frigid shower and enjoy a reprieve from the heat. Your body will thank you afterwards, as you will stay cooler for the next hour or so – just enough time to get to sleep.

If freezing showers are more torture than temptation, consider taking cooling items to bed with you. It could be a frozen water-bottle, a nice wet cloth on your forehead, or a damp towel over your body. Remember there are some hot spots that are the best places to target cooling, so apply the cold item to your hands, feet, forehead and groin area for an all-over chilled feel.

Embrace Breeze

Limber up those fan blades and set them to whir – the humble pedestal or ceiling fan can achieve excellent airflow and cooling. If you position a pedestal fan across from a window you can create a great cross-breeze, or manufacture your own cross-breeze by employing multiple fans. Couple this airflow with the wet towels and the clothes mentioned above to make your own old-school air-conditioning system.

Switch Off

Lightbulbs and electrical appliances, including TVs, generate a surprising amount of heat, so start switching items off long before bedtime to minimise their effect. It’s also worth noting your body generates extra heat while digesting heavy foods, so think about keeping your evening meals light to make sure you’re comfortable later on.

Fortunately it’s usually just a couple of nights in summer that see conditions too hot to enjoy a comfortable sleep, but with a little ingenuity, you can relax in comfort even on a stinking hot summer’s eve.

What are your favourite ways to stay cool in the warmer months?

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