Get Yummy Skin with these Edible Skincare Products!

Get Yummy Skin with these Edible Skincare Products

When it comes to cosmetics, it can be hard to avoid unnatural ingredients, artificial additives and harmful chemicals if you’re not careful about what products you buy. But fear not; there are so many fantastic natural alternatives on the market that are so healthy, you could actually eat them!


Skin Song Probiotic Skincare Range

Skin Song produce a range of probiotic skincare products that “feed” your skin are so natural that they’re safe to eat. This is particularly handy for their Softwood Spiced Lip Balm, which tastes lovely and contains no nasty chemicals that end up in your mouth and harming your body. Skin Song add nothing artificial to their products, which contain essential oils, minerals, fatty acids and even amino acids derived from the popular “super-food” spirulina. They say that, as your skin absorbs this edible treat, you can almost hear it sing. From body scrubs to moisturisers, toners to lotions, Skin Song provide a whole feast for the body.

Natural Organic Edible Cosmetics

NOE Cosmetics boasts a skincare range that’s 100% organic and can be eaten raw. They are derived entirely from natural products, with plant-based ingredients that ensure your skin absorbs the essential vitamins and minerals that it needs, naturally. All NOE products are free of any artificial ingredients, and are all vegetable or yeast based, with no animal products used (so they’re entirely vegan-friendly!). NOE are committed to sustainability – even the packaging is biodegradable and recyclable. They have a large range of the eco-conscious products, including shampoo, hand wash, cleanser, moisturiser, masks, toners, even baby products.

Edible Goddess Holistic Beauty Care

Edible Goddess is an independently run online store that brings handmade, holistic skincare products to health-conscious customers all across the globe. A quick look through the online range will quite literally make your mouth water, with products so delicious you might find it difficult to bypass your mouth before you manage to get it on your skin. There’s herbal-infused coconut oil for use on your body AND in your cooking, there’s a Dead Sea detoxifying salt scrub with spirulina, sea kelp and other herbal enhancements, there’s even a Cocoa Maca body scrub with raw chocolate, vanilla, coconut and aloe. All raw, vegan, and organic – Edible Goddess is truly heavenly.

Rasasara Ayurvedic Skincare

Rasasara Skinfood, as they call it, uses ancient Ayurvedic healing principles and practices to create natural skincare products using only edible products. They are created to feed and nourish the skin and everything underneath it. Made in Melbourne using natural and sustainable ingredients and recycled packaging, Rasasara provides a high-quality range of healing products for all skin types, carrying on the Indian traditions of Ayurveda that have been passed on for over 5000 years.

Whatever your skin needs, you’re sure to find a deliciously healthy product that can deliver it naturally. Sometimes, of course, there will be exceptions – for very tough problems you might still need the help of a product that’s not quite edible, but there are always safe options. For example, a fungal nail infection can be hard to vanquish so a high-quality cure like Excilor might be needed. Remember that it’s always a good idea to consult a professional for any medical skin problems.

For everyday skincare, why not go natural? Get your hands on some of these healthy alternatives and your skin will love you for it.

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  1. Amazing article. I always love using natural skin care. Sometime I use home made treatments, but that wasn’t so easy as not all the ingredients are easy to get. Thus, I’m going to try some of the products you mentioned as the are all natural and safe for skin.

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