Anti Valentine’s Day Party

Valentine’s Day is a lovely way to share special time together as a couple, possibly receive some lovely flowers, chocolate or other gorgeous gifts orย maybe that special card that let’s you know you have an admirer.

This day really is an over-commercialised excuse for shops to make us spend big bucks to ‘prove’ that we love someone, but hey I never said no to beautiful fresh flowers!


Consumerism and I are good friends, I love the hype of the holidays, tinsel and I get on really well. All that aside as I am now a single mum and have been for 3 years, there will be no beautiful bouquet to brighten my day, bugger!

I could wallow in self pity and spend the day and night feeling sorry for myself and my lack of floral arrangements, or I could do what over 100 other single people are doing and……

Going to an Anti Valentine’s Day Party!

Bring on the bubbles, fun and laughter, singles style. I have joined quite a few Meet Up Groups. There’s the coffee group that get together so many times a week for coffee shop visits that I could easily overdose on caffeine. There are groups that do dinner, movies, weekends away, you name it, there is a Meet Up group near you. This particular group is for the not so ridiculously young and I just scrape in to the minimum age bracket (yeah right). So this will not be a group of young 20 year olds moping around because they have not yet met the love of their lives. This is a slightly more mature group who have all been their and done that and want to enjoy good company and have some fun.

This will be my first anti-valentine’s day party and I am looking forward to dressing up and heading into the city for some fun, no moping at home for this bird…… if I could just decide what to wear!

Wishing you all a wonderful Valentine’s Day and hope your day is filled with love and joy! Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

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