Having Fun In Kmart’s New Cosmetic Department

A few weeks ago Miss WW and I walked in to Kmart and were shocked to see shelf after shelf of their cosmetics department devoid of any cosmetics! Holy Moly, where were we going to stock up on basic supplies if they no longer sell them? Actually at the time we were more annoyed that we missed out on the big clearance sale they had getting rid of all the stock…..we love a good clearance.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and yesterday, we were wandering around Chermside and went in to Kmart to have a look at what the new costmetics department looks like and we found a few surprises.


Surprise No 1. $3.00 nail polish!

I normally avoid el cheapo nail polish like the plague as it is often very thin and transparent and you really need 35 coats to get decent coverage, ain’t got time for that. BUT I saw this colour and just had to have it. A little bit lilac, a little bit silver, a little bit grey, all rolled into one very handy shade that does not clash with what you are wearing.

Two coats later plus top coat and it is done. Beautiful coverage just the way I like it. Twilight is a new favourite of mine already. That is of course if Miss WW Junior does not steal it from me because it is called ‘Twilight’ and she is a biiiiiiiig fan!

The perfect matching sparkles I already had…….’Big Money’ by Sally Hansen.

Miss WW Senior is very addicted to watching beauty bloggers on You Tube and has often talked about ‘Elf’ products. Super cheap and highly used by the beauty crowd in the USA. As with many things, getting these in Australia is either not possible as they don’t ship to Australia, shipping is astranomically highΒ or at such highly inflated prices that you just don’t bother.

You can guess Miss WW’s excitment, when she found a great selection of Elf products now available at Kmart, at excellent prices. Her little hands were full of goodies as we headed to the check out.

There were a few other shades of nail polish that caught my eye, and as I have fallen in love with them, will definately be grabbing some more. Got to love a bargain that actually works.

What is your favourite bargain beauty product?

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8 thoughts on “Having Fun In Kmart’s New Cosmetic Department

  1. I have to admit, I have not thought of Kmart as being a place to shop for make-up. I know they have stuff there and have probably picked up some essential items from there, but it has not been at the front of my mind.
    Must check out this Elf stuff…

    1. As Kmart is across the road from where the girls go for physie, it is a handy place to stock up on basics when you run out. πŸ™‚

  2. I love bargains!! I personally love my Lust It and Bella box that comes out every month! It’s like mini samples of everything which means I get to use it before it goes past its used by date!!

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