Feeding the wildlife!

Miss Tiger has a good appetite, and a round belly hiding under all her fur to prove it, and we have always thought she is a bit of a guts, as her food disappears and we always seem to be topping up her food bowl……BUT…….

Over the last week, as I have walked passed the laundry door, I have spied a couple of local’s who have come in for a little snack.

First it was Mr Blue Tongue who thinks Friskies make a fine snack!

Then I spy Mr Dragon helps himself to some yumminess!

We have the door deadlocked ‘open’ so Miss Tiger can come and go as she pleases, and to keep it closed would cause issues if she needs a ‘comfort’ break when we are not home. I think we will have to limit food so that there is not left overs.

I love having these cuties in the garden, but I am not sure I am so keen on them moving in!

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