A Few Of My Favourite Things – Jan 17

Well just like that the first month of the New Year is already over.

I did find a few new favourite things and I hope the trend continues!


The weather has been so hot, and I really hate wearing closed in shoes in the heat. Cute little thong arrangements might look nice, but they do not offer any support. After suffering for over 6 months with Plantar Fasciitis, I learned the hard way that wearing shoes that provide support is so important.

I don’t know where these awesome things have been hiding all these years, but Fitflops have been a game changer for me.

Fitflops are my favourite shoe for support and comfort during the warmer months

I first discovered these clever inventions when I was shopping at the post Christmas sales, and they were not on sale. $199.00 for a casual shoe is a pretty high price tag so they stayed on the shelf.

Just a few days later I got an email from OO.com.au and I scored these beauties for only $55.00 including delivery. This bargain hunter could not wait for the parcel to arrive!

The moulded base provides great support for my instep and they are so comfortable to wear. Definitely worth investing in.


I have had many favourite fragrances over the years and they damn well keep discontinuing them. I still have the tiniest bit of Tuscany Per Donna by Aramis left that I refuse to use.

It is really lovely to have a bestie that is prepared to take a gamble and buy you perfume for your birthday.

Versace fragrance

She did good, really good.

Versace Bright Crystal not only looks divine, but I absolutely love the really fresh but not too florally scent.


On a very hot Brisbane day a few weeks ago, I went on a scavenger hunt around the city. We did not have to collect things, but photo’s for the prompts provided. It was one of the most fun things I have done for a long time, and fortunately the group of girls that I was in were so much fun.

One of the prompts was ‘Your team having a drink’.

Our very first port of call was the pub, as a drink was absolutely required.

We all decided to pick a different coloured shot to make the photo look kind of fun.

I love coffee

Whilst we all tried to decide which shot to have, the bar tender asked if any of us like coffee?

She obviously has never met me before, but I yelled yes the loudest and in return got this little glass of goodness.

Coffee + Tequila = Heaven.

This slid down way to smoothly that I was so tempted to abandon the rest of the hunt and make myself comfortable at the bar for the rest of the afternoon.


Kerrie Hess is right up there on my A list of illustrators that I admire.

I discovered that if you sign up on her website, you get an email each month with pretty calendar page.

kerrie hess prettiness

I have mine on a clip board at my desk and it is a really pretty edition to my office.


I hope you have had a great start to the year and things just keep getting better!

Did you find any fabulous new things in January?

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8 thoughts on “A Few Of My Favourite Things – Jan 17

  1. I love the fitflops. I’ve never heard of them before but I agree $199 is very steep!!! So I’m glad you got them on sale!

    I’m due for a new pair of thongs and the ones I’ve been wearing for several years have a moulded foot shape as well and it makes them more comfortable! #teamlovinlife

  2. As a fellow sufferer of Plantar Fasciitis, I’m fascinated by your Fit Flops! I invested in some Birkenstocks – quite expensive but a game changer. They’re getting a bit worn out though so I’ll need a replacement soon! #TeamLovinLife

  3. I’ve had the Patron XO cafe and it is absolutely beautiful. I put mine with some ice in a cocktail shaker and it is absolutely divine!
    Serving cold is a must.

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