How To Find Fast Relief From Plantar Fasciitis!

Relief From The Pain Is The Key To Healing Plantar Fasciitis

After months of extreme pain, my foot is healing! The prognosis from my GP was it could take up to two years for my foot to heal, but their suggestions of ice packs and taking Ibuprofen where not helping me to heal, just provide a little relief from the constant pain.

I did lot’s of research as it took all my energy to get through a day at work, let alone keep up with my everyday chores. Being in constant pain was not how I intended to live my life. There simply had to be a better way. You can discover how I started on my path to fixing my foot here.

I was so grateful to find something that was actually making a difference. BUT it got even better!

Thankfully, I was invited to try another new product that is specifically designed to help support Plantar Fasciitis sufferers.

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 FUTURO have another fantastic product that has been created especially for Plantar Fasciitis relief!

A parcel arrived in the mail after a long day at work and inside was this little box of awesomeness.

This Therapeutic Arch Support kit contains two ultra slim support wraps with inserts that allow you to customise the fit to match your feet. I only needed to use one support in my brace. The minute I put it on, I could stand up pain free! All pressure was redirected to the centre of my foot so my heel no longer had to be weight bearing.

For weeks I had worn my runners with insoles almost everywhere as normal shoes simply hurt toooo much!


Yay, I could wear any shoe again, even thongs!

Included in the pack are two braces and it is recommended that you wear both, even if you only have one sore foot, as this helps to keep your body aligned. Start with wearing them for a short time to start with and gradually work towards wearing them all day. They are very slim line so they will fit into almost any shoe (just maybe not the stiletto’s). 🙂

Before hurting my foot in January, I had never heard of Plantar Fasciitis. As people saw me hobbling around, they would ask me what was wrong with my foot. I was amazed how many other people suffered from an infliction that I had no idea existed.

Understanding how awful it is too try and function normally with a sore foot, I lent 3 people the Futuro Foot Supports to try and the results were outstanding.

“I have tried everything, from doctors to physio’s and nothing helped, after wearing the support for just a couple of days I noticed how much the pain had eased“…….Maria

Thank you Nikki for letting me try these supports, it was so nice to be able to go out for dinner with real shoes on again. I am going to buy a set now“……Annalyse

Why have I not heard about these before, after a week of wearing them, they were comfortable enough for me to use for a whole shift“……Julie

Take the pressure off your foot and you start to heal permanently

Wearing the support provides instant relief, but the big bonus is that using these products has actually helped my foot to heal quickly. I can now get out of bed each morning and take that first step without screwing up my face from the pain. When I get up off the lounge my first step is almost painless. These last few weeks have seen such a huge improvement that I almost can’t believe it.

FUTURO make support products for all sorts of strains and pains, and are sold through all good pharmacies. If yours does not stock this brand, please ask them to get it in for you.

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