Fabulous Festive Frivolity!

Every year it’s the same thing. Hours of planning, shopping, wrapping and cooking goes into preparing for Christmas time, and before you know it, it’s all over.

But I would not have it any other way!

Christmas is one of those times when our family gets together to catch up on news, share a wine or 10 and just relax with full belly’s. We are blessed to not have those family wars over who goes where. We just graviate to the Sunshine Coast to my parents home and from there we head to the beach or laze around the pool.

christmas santa

Our Christmas celebrations start on Christmas Eve (the one tradition my German parents kept). When my girls were little we started our formal dinner with a ‘Santa’ gift, so that the girls could open one present before dinner in the hope that they could wait for the rest until we had finished eating. This year ‘Santa’ did well, matching the wrapping with the bon bons. 🙂

christmas seafood

Dinner is perfectly matched to our hot Queensland climate. Fresh bugs, prawns and oysters, salad and fruit. Sweet treats follow, but this year we were so full, the planned plumb pudding never made it too the table.

Christmas Day is usually shared with some friends. This year our gets arrived in the most suitable mode of transport when you live in a golf course community……..

christmas buggy

No radars on the golf course!

christmas moet

Christmas Day lunch started the right way, with a lovely glass of bubbles! Roast turkey, potato gratin, fresh salads and a mango ice-cream bomb filled our bellies once again. A nap and then catching up on the new season of Downton Abbey finished the day off beautifully.

Boxing Day was warm and sunny so a long swim in the ocean did a great job clearing some of that bloated feeling. So nice to have a warm and sunny Christmas after some of the very rainy ones we have had in past years.

Christmas wining and dining continued on a little longer this year, as a special friend from interstate came to visit and we headed out for a lovely lunch, just the two of us!

christmas friend

The buffet at Thyme2 (Sofitel Hotel, Brisbane) was absolutely fabulous and still had some yummy festive touches. We had the most amazing time until we were too full to have another mouthful. So great to catch up with old friends.

With just one full day of 2013 left on the calender, it is now time to plan the year ahead until December and then we can do it all over again.

What was your most memorable Christmas moment this year?

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