Everything you need to know about UV nail polish

Everything you need to know about UV nail polish

When you’ve used standard nail polish all your life, it might be hard to be convinced to change over to UV polish – but once you do, you’ll never go back! Before you can fully be convinced to change, you need to know all the facts about UV nail polish. Does it last longer than regular varnish? Is it toxic to my skin and body? Is it really worth the costs? Everything you need to know – including the answers to these questions – are detailed below. If you are unsure whether you’ll be convinced to make the switch – little hint – you will be!

UV nail polish has no harmful chemicals!

With no harsh chemicals added to UV nail polish, you can feel safe getting them done as often as you like. That’s great news for your skin and body. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to give your nails a break from polish or acrylic – your nail is constantly growing, you have a new nail every three to six months; meaning a break in between is not necessary! No chemicals, no break, no fuss!


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UV nail polish is super easy to apply and remove!

Using UV nail polish is so simple; it basically applies itself! As you paint it on your nails, the polish levels itself out and removes the bumps and rough bits on it’s own – it’s like a polish from the future! Not only that, but the removal is as simple as the application. Simply soak a wrap in acetone and place it around the nail for a few minutes, slide it off and the polish comes with it. Easy as!

It dries quickly, and lasts forever!

UV nail polish needs to be cured with a UV lamp – but it’s worth it in the end. The curing means that it lasts for roughly three weeks! Compared to regular nail polish – that chips after the first day – that’s a lifetime in the nail polish world. Using the UV lamp to cure the UV nail polish is super quick too. It takes only a couple of minutes to try, between 30 and 120 seconds per coat, depending on your brand of lamp. No more waiting around blowing on your nails, feeling almost crippled because you can’t use your hands for fear of smudging your newly painted nails!


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UV nail polish is the absolute best thing to use for your nails – it lasts forever and is so simple to use! It’s hard to imagine a life before UV nail polish! Now that you know everything about this special polish, the best thing to do would be to head to a reputable nail polish site to buy your own! Check out Glaze Me  and scan through all their colours – you’ll be buying them in bulk before you know it!

Do you currently use a UV nail polish set? What do you think of the difference? Leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comment box below.

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