A Clever Way To Keep Your Precious Things Safe!

Some things can simply never be replaced!

Whether you want to keep your heirloom jewellery out of sight from unwanted intruders, or simply keep the kids out of your emergency cash stash, with the help of some everyday household items, you can create clever hiding spots.

Not long after my parents moved to Australia, the flat they were living in was burgled, all of the lovely family jewellery she had brought with her was stolen. None of it was ever recovered, and sometimes I wonder where in the world it all is now.

A few years ago we lived in a house that did not have security screens. Whilst we were out one day, a nasty pasty managed to get in the back window way too easily and helped himself to my beautiful green Dell laptop and quite a bit of my jewellery. I honestly think we must have come home whilst he was in the house, as some of my jewellery was sitting in a dish in the bathroom in clear sight and it did not get touched. The b#@#@#d even took presents from under the Christmas tree!

From that day forth, I could not leave valuables in clear sight, or just put away in a drawer.

keeping things safe

Not all is as it seems!

This may look like a collection of laundry products sitting on the self above my washing machine.

One of those containers has a collection of goodies hiding in it.

The same thing can be done in the pantry and this can be helpful for larger items such as a camera. A large Wheetbix box can sit at the back of the shelf and be a safe home for anything that fits. Tall cereal boxes can house important documents or photo’s that need to stay private.

Next time you stock up on skincare products or receive a gift of soap in a pretty box, keep the boxes. They are a great place to keep jewellery or spare cash. Whether you get your jewels out of a jewellery box or a cardboard box makes no difference and when they are sitting in your bathroom cabinet, who would know?

Even if you just want to hide the Tim Tam packet from the kids, just find the right container and they will never know! 🙂

Do you have a clever hiding place for things that you want to keep safe?

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2 thoughts on “A Clever Way To Keep Your Precious Things Safe!

  1. I’m terrible. I hide something – where I would consider special – then I forget where I hid it!
    So awful that your laptop and jewellery was taken! It makes me wonder how people can be so nasty.

  2. I was robbed one Christmas and never recovered any of it, it was devastating. They went through every inch of our house so I don’t think I could have hidden anything well enough to keep it safe. But, for dash and grab robbers it could work. I like the laundry idea best!

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