Natural Insect Repellant Recipes

Natural Insect Repellant Recipes

Just because chemicals are everywhere, including your food, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep trying to stay natural – and this includes pest controls. Going to a shop and buying another toxic spray is easy but bad for your health and the health of your loved ones. Luckily man has been at war with pests for centuries and invented a few more nature friendly ways do deter them. Here is a few.


Herbs can be an effective natural defence against bugs!

Home made pepper spray

Have you ever tried spraying a mix of water and spicy sauce in your face? Don’t. But if you are troubled by cockroaches, try mixing some Tabasco or even freshly chopped chillies with water and putting it in a vaporizer. Spraying this spicy mixture on spots often visited by roaches will effectively change their habits and keep them out of your home.

Garden defense

It’s not always your home that is the most prone to pests, often it’s the garden. Especially if we are talking mosquitoes. And it’s also in the garden where your first line of defense will be. To discourage mosquitoes from visiting the surroundings of your house, plant some lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) in your garden – it not only deters mosquitoes, but smells and looks great.

Anti ants

If ants are what troubles you it’s time to visit the herbs department. Among the herbs most effectively discouraging ants, Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) is said to be the most effective. Just plant some in your garden or in pots inside the house and watch ants taking a step back when approaching your place. As for the thyme you can also use it in the kitchen and it has a number of health benefits – win win.

Flies fly around mint

Here’s another herb that smells and tastes wonderful to us, humans that bugs, especially flies, hate. A pot or two with mint (Mentha pipera) in your house should keep you house fly free. Just remember to trim it regularly as it likes to grow quite fast. Spare leaves can be used to make tasty tea which is great to treat an upset stomach.

Grass vs Mosquitoes

If you’re looking for the best anti mosquito plant, look no further. Lemon grass (Cymbopogon citratus) and it’s intensive, lemon scent is every mosquito’s nightmare. Depending on the climate of your country you can plant it in your garden or keep it in pots. And you can use it to make some delicious Thai dish which will make you forget that mosquitoes are even a problem.

Experts know better

If your house is under attack from ants, roaches, flies and more and all the natural defenses mentioned above are simply not enough, give a pest control expert a call. Specialists from Trusted Pest Management and other similar companies know how to get rid of unwelcome guests without using toxic chemicals.

Have you used any of these natural insect repellent methods before? Or do you have your very own home remedy? Leave your suggestions in the comment box below.

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