Every Girls Guide To Buying A New Car

Buying a new car can be very stressful, but armed with the right knowledge you can wrangle a great deal.

A few weeks ago Miss WW decided that it was time for a new car. Her cute little car was getting on in years and was heading down the path of being a sink hole for cash that she would never recoup.

She had made a list of all the possible choices that are available in the small car category that she was interested in and in true University student style, she researched everything you could about each car.

With finance sorted she had one day free in her busy week to test drive her final list of favourites. Together with a friend she hit the car dealers without me there as I simply could not get that day off work.

I could feel the dealers rubbing their hands together when Miss Blondie walked in, thinking this would be an easy deal. How wrong they were!

She might have been feeling a little under the weather after discovering she had shingles just days before, but she was prepared for battle.

Every girls guide to buying a new car

It’s a done deal!


The initial plan was for her to do the test drives, get the prices and then we would go together and score the best deal. But the best laid plans can often be thwarted….

Little did they know that Miss WW knew practically everything there was to know about each car, so they could not pull the wool over her eyes.

Her action plan went like this –

* Use the online ‘build a car’ planner available on every car manufacturers website to get the RRP of each model.

* Troll through CarSales.com for all the prices and models currently offered by dealers around Brisbane.

* Watched independent reviews of each model by car experts online.

* Checked the ANCAP safety rating for each car. Two models were immediately crossed off her list because they only got a 4 star rating instead of 5.

* Goggled reviews by the public as they are quick too complain if things are not right.

* Made a list of all the stats and inclusions including features, fuel consumption and optional extra’s etc.

* How many years warranty are offered and do they have fixed price servicing.

* Set your budget limit and do NOT go over it.

* Shop for a new car toward the end of the month, dealers that need to fill their quota’s will be more prepared to cut a good deal.


After each test drive she reported back to me with her discoveries.

It was down to 3. The Toyota Yaris, the Kia Rio and the Mitsubishi Mirage.

The Mirage was her least favourite of the three, a cheaper price point but a very basic car.

The Yaris was in second place, simply because of Toyota’s reputation for building cars that last.

The Kia Rio really won her over, due to it’s fabulous finish, well equipped cabin, and a long list of positive reviews from Kia owners.

So the dealing began.

The salesman had verbally agreed on Miss WW’s price. But when it came down to the crunch her $500 refundable deposit was no longer going to be refunded, in effect she would be paying $500 more than when had been agreed upon.

She rang me most distraught and I could tell she was ready to cave, and I told her she had to walk away from this deal right now as this dealer was simply trying to take advantage of her.

And walk away she did.

She then rang another Kia dealer and explained what had just happened and if they could offer her the original quoted price she would drive over right now, if not don’t waste my time.

Not only did they match it, they ended up knocking another $500 off the price for a brand new Rio that had 14 km on the clock!

She is now the proud owner of a new car that she just loves to bits.

This was no easy feat for a 19 year old to tackle, but it proved to be a valuable lesson and has grown her confidence in making adult choices like nothing else she has done in the past.

So damn proud of her!

When did you get your first new car?

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International Women’s Day – How Far Have We Really Come?

I had a beautiful post planned for today, a celebration of how wonderful we really are, and that everyday should be a celebration of our awesomeness.

Today we should all be focusing on how far we have come in just a few decades.


In Australia there is very little we can’t do. With hard work and devotion, we can choose our career and thrive at the top. We can vote, enter parliament, run a company or rule the country!

BUT, there is a reality that is not often spoken about that does exist in work places around the county.

This headline made my stomach churn…..

‘Sexual harassment rife in medical profession, senior surgeon Dr Gabrielle McMullin says’

The article highlights the plight of a female surgeon who chose not to provide sexual favours, puts in a complaint, won a court case, but has never been able to get a job in Australisia. Dr McMullin recommends to female medical students that they would be better off take part in such advances rather than reporting them. The article was published on ABC.net.au and you can read it here.

Why did this upset me so much?

As I am writing this Miss WW is not down at the pub enjoying a Sunday Sesh with her friends, instead she chose to lock herself in her room and study. She is on the long road of hard work required to realise her dream of becoming a Neurosurgeon.

We have lost count of the number of people who have asked her if she has chosen this path so she could make a lot of money. For Miss WW this is not part of the equation. She wants to be a pioneer, make a difference, discover something new, try things that may have never been tried before. This is why she chose neurosurgery, we know so much about the human body, but the brain still holds so much mystery. Money if it comes will be a bonus (and allow her to buy even more makeup)!

The thought of her working so hard, to possibly have to trade sexual favours to achieve her dreams brings a tear to my eye.

Another skill she is going to have to master….. how to politely and powerfully deal with inappropriate advances.

She might look like a Barbie doll, but she has already had plenty of practice at warding off unsuitable admirers, she is just going to have to get even better at it.

I truly hope she never has to face this sort of discrimination, but the reality is that she might.

In this time of equality, have we really come that far?


International Day Of The Midwife, Thank You!

International Day Of The Midwife, May 5


Just shy of 15 years ago I was pacing up and down the corridor of North West Private Hospital well and truly in labour.

I seem to like to have my babies on a Saturday, both girls chose that day of the week to come in to the world.

The only problem with this, is that my fantastic OB, had every second Saturday off, which of course happened to be the Saturday I needed his help.

He had organised a replacement and with my first daughter all went well, he arrived on time, did his thing and Miss WW entered the world, 5 weeks early but healthy.

Talk about dejavu, the next Miss WW, decided to pull the same stunt, 5 weeks early and on a Saturday afternoon.

Mr replacement OB strolls in, does his examination and decides I still have hours to go, so leaves the hospital to have a cup of tea with his mum who lives close to the hospital, I kid you not!

Well Miss WW was having none of that and I very rapidy reached the point of no return, and before the doctor could get back to the hospital, my precious midwife had taken care of things and another little girl joined our family.

She was born blue, due to her rapid arrival, the cord wrapped around her neck on descent and had cut off her oxygen supply. My midwife whipped her away from me and they did what they had to do and thankfully, she was recuscitated and has grown up into an amazing young lady with no ill side effects.


Miss WW loves playing with phone camera apps, and I just love this one!

I had no kind words for that replacement Doctor when he finally showed up.

The most fun part of this whole experience was when I was going for a little stroll the next day my OB happened to arrive to do his rounds and I watched his jaw drop to the floor, as his replacement had not even advised him that I had given birth, big bonus was the bill was binned, his only way of apologising was making sure I did not have to pay!

Thanks to my amazing midwife I have my gorgeous girl and all is well, she did the job just as well as any specialist would have done, and to her I am eternally grateful. xxxxxxx

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Let The Celebrations Begin!

Today marked the start of a milestone birthday celebration, Miss WW is turning 18!

Many discussions were held about how we were going to celebrate this very special birthday. Slight problem when your birthday is at the start of the year and your friends will not be turning 18 until later in the year. A party with cocktails and canapes was not a feasible option.


I was not prepared to have a group of under aged kids getting smashed in my home. Apart from being totally irresponsible and illegal, I just don’t have the patience to deal with a bunch of young drunks! Miss WW has enjoyed many a sip of my drink, not a problem, but a group of them having way more than a sip was not happening on my watch!

So what to do?

What is the next best thing to consume when alcohol is not involved…….chocolate!

Max Brenner at Southbank to the rescue, the perfect place to have the ultimate chocolate fix. Everything is made of chocolate and tastes absolutely devine.


Just for the record, banana bread dipped in chocolate is simply amazing!

Out of necessity, we organised a 3 oclock start, which turned out to be perfect. We were able to get a large table in airconditioned comfort and order quickly. It is not unusual for the line up to be out the door! Yes it really is that popular. What an amazing business model. Any other type of business, and people would see the queue and walk out the door, but oh no, our love for chocolate deliciousness will see us line up for ages to get a good fix.

The girls had a fabulous time, chatting, laughing, catching up on gossip and eating chocolate. Winning!

I have no mess at home, no stress over what to cook, no drama, perfecto!


I could not help myself, just had to make goodie bags for the last time. I love making goodie bags. A shot glass may or may not have accidently slipped into the bags just to ’18erise’ them. I am sure they will be put to good use later in the year.

Celebrations will contine with a family/friend lunch out on Monday, where Miss WW will be able to enjoy her very first drink in public, legally.

Wonder what she will order?

Never Say You Can’t Do Something!

“If you want it bad enough, you will find a way”!

Lot’s of celebrations happening at WWHQ today.

Apart from the fact that it is my birthday.

Miss WW logged on to her QTAC account today, and was greeted with the offer of a place at the University Of Queensland for Bachelor of Science. Her first preference and the only spot she really wanted to get.

In the beginning…………

Grade 1

This is her grade one year book entry.

In grade 1 she thought that girls were nurses and boys were doctors. By the end of grade 2 she discovered that both men and women could be doctors. From that day on her path has never wavered, she was going to be a doctor.

Her father never went to University, nor did I. I could have but really had no idea what I wanted to do with my life when I finished grade 12. I just sort of slipped into a job in the travel industry and spent 13 years as a high flying corporate travel consultant until I had the girls.

Just because we didn’t go to University, does not mean that my daughter can’t.

Never once have I said she was aiming too high.

I have always told her to follow her dream.

At the end of year 9, she passed the entrance exam and interview and earnt her spot at the prestigious Queensland Academy for Science, Maths and Technology.

She spent 3 years working very hard and graduated at the end of last year. She had to wait until the 6th of January to get her results (she did the IB not the normal Queensland OP). Her score was more than high enough, so today we celebrate her offer to go to UQ, the only place she wanted to be accepted in to.

Come March, step one of the very long road ahead to becoming a neuro-surgeon begins.

I have no doubt in my mind she will make it through over a decade of study before she is even close to being a surgeon, and neither is she.

She has a goal, she has a plan, she will succeed.

So proud of her and her acheivements.

Never tell your child to stop dreaming, anything is possible.

Any child can acheive anything they set their mind too, if they are taught how to use their thoughts and the amazing power they have been given. You can teach your children how to become masters of their own destiny with the help of my book….. How To Unlock Your Child’s Super Powers! – A powerful guide to help your child be the best they can be and create an extraordinary life. Your child will learn lot’s of valuable things at school, but the most valuable tool is how to use their minds to create what they truly want. You can purchase your copy here for the cost of two coffee’s. 🙂

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Celebrating A Very Successful Week!

My poor blog has been totally neglected this week!

BUT it is not every week that your daughter graduates from High School AND qualifies for Physie Nationals!

This week has been like none other, totally busy and full of very proud mummy moments.

It’s weeks like this that put a smile on my face and bring a tear or 10 to my eyes.

All mummy’s love their kids and want them to be successful. I am simply one of those very lucky mums that has a daughter that is focused on what she wants and just goes out and gets it.


The smile says it all – it’s finally over.

Queensland Academy For Science, Maths and Technology – Class of 2013!

Year 12 is hard work for any student, but QASMT students go through the IB program, which is so much harder, pushes them almost to breaking point and finished a week later than every other Queensland School. In return those that have successfully completed the 3 year program have a diploma that is internationally recognised, have the most incredible study habits and can truly acheive what ever they want. Miss WW like all other QA students almost walked away as the pressure was getting too much, but she managed to keep going and finally last night she and 137 other students took to the stage for the last time in school uniform. I am very proud of myself for containing myself to the use of only 1 tissue….that is a huge effort of my behalf as a whole box would normally be required by this mum.

Now if three weeks of final exams is not enough to test the best of us, we also had to throw in a quick flight down to Sydney for the weekend in the middle of all of this for BJP Physie national qualifying. Physie is a passion of Miss WW’s and her dancing is one of things that kept her sane through the stress of school.


Syndey here we come!

As tempted as I was to not let her try out for nationals, deep down I knew that if she did not go there was a very real chance that she would lose the plot and mess up those final 3 exams……..so off too Sydney we went for the weekend. Flew home late on Sunday night and on Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning she sat those last 3 exams in the best mood.


Miss WW has a prized Golden Ticket, she has qualified for Nationals, so Opera House here we come.

So it has truly been a week of laughs, tears, stress and I am totally exhausted. But, it has been so worth it. All of her hard work has paid off. In early December we will be back down to Sydney and off to the Opera House for a magical night of physie and Miss WW is one step closer on her long journey to becoming a neuro-surgeon.

Motherhood is mayhem and magic all rolled into one!

I wonder how many blonde, dancing, surgeons there are in this world?

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Protecting Our Teens From Cyber-bullying!

I am angry, I am sad, I am the mother of two teenage girls!

Cyber bullies are the biggest cowards, they hide behind their computer screens and torment others. They are gutless theives of precious life, and if they were face to face with their target would probably not have the nerve to say what they do.

When is this ever going to stop?

The following is taken directly from Gammon & Chips as this tells it like it is!

In memory of Izzy Dix. Together, we must stop cyberbullying!

Last week, our dear family friend, a 14-year-old schoolgirl called Izzy Dix, died. It appeared that she’d taken her own life. And this action seemed to be linked to bullying, both at school and online.

I know that Izzy had been bullied. She had discussed it in depth with her mum, Gabbi. Izzy and her mum had the closest, strongest and most natural mother/daughter bond I’ve ever had the pleasure to witness. They had come up with strategies to try to beat the bullying together, her mum had contacted the school on many occasions, and Izzy herself had spoken to her teachers.

Izzy was an incredibly bright student. She was caring, very funny, beautiful and wise beyond her years. Gabbi is understandably utterly devastated and broken by what has occurred, as are all of us who loved her.

A lot of the bullying that Izzy was so troubled over occurred on a social media website called Ask.fm.

If you haven’t heard of this before, it’s a Latvian-based question and answer site with over 70 million registered users worldwide, the majority of whom are teenagers. It allows anyone to post anonymous comments and questions to a person’s profile and is increasingly being used to communicate abusive, bullying and sexualised content. It’s this anonymity and lack of accountability and traceability that makes it really dangerous.

I’ve spoken with Gabbi and she’s told me about a particular game that is encouraged on Ask.fm, and photo-based networks like Snapchat, called ‘Body Part For Body Part’ – where anonymous people urge others to post naked photos of themselves online. Izzy never joined in. She was really passionate about women’s rights and Gabbi has told me the fact that this particular game existed and was so prolific really bothered and affected her.

Ask.fm has already been linked to the suicides of nine young people in less than a year, with Izzy’s name tragically bringing that number to ten.

Following the Ask.fm related suicide of 14-year-old, Hannah Smith, on 2nd August this year, the Prime Minister, David Cameron, called the site ‘vile’ and told the website it needed to ‘clean up its act’. Ask.fm responded by saying it would enact various small measures on the site. All in all, a move in the right direction, but this didn’t go nearly far enough.

561113 182796345189207 1111077896 n 150x150 In memory of Izzy Dix. Together, we must stop cyberbullying.

So we are lobbying for the complete closure of Ask.fm before any more names of teens are added to that list.

At the very least, we need to permanently disable the ability to remain anonymous on this site, as this is the aspect which is causing the most damage.

The government also needs to bring in new regulations that will keep people, and young people in particular, safe on the Internet.

We need watertight procedures making social networking sites accountable for revealing the identities of trolls and cyberbullies to the authorities, so cyberbullying can easily be stopped in its tracks.

36531 631371003551843 1480931815 n 150x150 In memory of Izzy Dix. Together, we must stop cyberbullying.

We need police forces to take bullying seriously.

We need education programmes for schools and community groups so we can teach the power of love and kindness.

And we need support programmes for both victims and bullies.

In my opinion, Izzy is a casualty of a changed world and a society that hasn’t yet caught up.

There are 3 things you can do to help us:

  1. Urge your teens to delete their Ask.fm accounts as a mark of respect, as well as for their own safety and wellbeing. If they don’t have one yet, ban it in your household.
  2. Sign this petition and help us to lobby the government on the dangers of Ask.fm – once we get 100,000 signatures, it can get presented to the UK House of Commons.
  3. Spread this message via social media and beyond, in whatever way you can. Share on Facebook. Tweet and Retweet on Twitter. Write to your MP. Talk about it with your family and friends. Just don’t be silent.

Beyond our campaign, there are things you can do as parents too. If your children are old enough, talk to them about cyberbullying. Sit them down. Explain to them what it is, why it happens, and how they can report it. Monitor what your children are doing online. You wouldn’t let them walk down a dark dangerous street alone, so take this analogy and relate it to your children’s Internet usage. Tell them that you love them. Not once, but several times a day. Because you can never, ever, give a child too much love.

If you suspect that your children may be involved in bullying others, then you need to talk to them too. There are charities like ChildLine, The Samaritans, Beat Bullying, and The Talk Easy Trust that can help.

And when it comes to a response to bullying, we need to educate our kids to turn the other cheek, rather than become bullies themselves. Two wrongs don’t make a right. We all need to rise above this, take our hurt, anger and passion and use it to rally together for real societal change.

Izzy Dix – We love you to the moon and back. If only you could see how very much we all miss you. We will change things for the better in your name and you will never be forgotten. The world has been so privileged to have had you in it. We will all make you so proud. Rest in peace gorgeous girl.”

535866 10153131327400297 859767719 n 150x150 In memory of Izzy Dix. Together, we must stop cyberbullying.

Izzy Dix. RIP

One of my daughters is 14! This scares me beyond belief.

If you have teenage children, share this with them, find out if Ask.fm is a place they hang out.

Please sign the petition and let’s protect our gorgeous young children. I realise this is currently an Australian based petition, but it does affect children around the globe. Please feel free to use the postcode 4000 (Brisbane, Australia) so that you can enter.

We can only educate and be open with out children, ultimately we can not control every minute of their day.

They are worth it, I know mine sure are!

Has your child been a victim of bullying?


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The Long Road To Legal (Driving That Is!)

The joys of parenting teens! It is sometimes just pure heart stopping material!

The process of getting a drivers licence, should be relatively simple. Get your learners permit, do 100 hours of logbook driving, send it off to be approved, go for your driving test, and whammmmmo! You have your licence.

BUT oh no, this has been a long and harrowing experience! Very grateful for a heart that still beats.


P-plates have kicked the L’s out the door!

Getting her Learners Permit was easy as, she got 100% on the written test, and then with my heart in my mouth and my hand clutching the hand grip on the door, she managed to get us home without hitting, squashing or scaring anything!

Over 100 hours of log-booking (which is such a tedious chore!!) complete, the book is sent off to be authorised and the text message arrives a couple of days later, all good! Booked in for a driving test, well we thought she was…..

Attempt No 1. – We turn up at Rosalie at the alloted booking time, to discover that Miss WW, had accidently cancelled her appointment, hitting the refresh button trying to get an earlier appointment. We sat there all afternoon in the hope that someone would no-show, but no go. One very disappointed pair head home for the night.

Attempt No 2. – We manage to score an appointment for the next afternoon. The test was going really well until on the way back to the depot, she misread a 4 lane intersection, everyone including the car were safe, but no passing the test, oops!

Attempt No. 3 – We manage to get a booking nice and close to home at Strathpine, and low and behold, one of the indicator globes decides to go and even after a dash up the road for a replacement, there is not enough time for her to sit the test. Home we go again.

Attempt No. 4 – 7 days later, we are off to Strathpine again, this time with an almost a perfect score, she is now the proud owner of P plates, and the freedom to drive where ever she wants.

My heart will still be in my mouth every time she puts the key in the iginition, but I have no choice, I have to let my precious teen hit the road without me. The worries never cease, no matter what age they are, you just want them to be happy and safe!

I now know how my parents felt, but they let me go, and I am still around!

Was getting your licence easy or hard?

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I Am Rocking This Single Motherhood Gig!

After a very painful start, a ton of tears, sleepless nights and panic attacks, I am truly rocking this single motherhood gig!

I applaud all single parents as this can be the hardest thing, as parents, that we ever have to do.

When 23 years of marriage comes to a grinding halt, the feeling of terror is indescribable. It washes over you with every breath you take. As the days pass, it slowly releases it’s grip and you start to see your world in a whole new light, one that I am kind of liking.

The Universe sent me lot’s of messages, but I did not listen, I did not see, I did not notice, that my marriage was over, until one day it slapped one at me so hard that I could not ignore it. One of today’s vital necessities, the mobile phone, and text messages on my husbands phone that happened at odd hours. He was in the shower late at night, and I glanced at the phone and just about threw up! The next 24 hours were devestatingly hard, but by night fall the next day, I asked the questions that needed to be asked, I made no plee, I found strength that I did not know I had, and it was over.

2 1/2 years later, and I am the CEO of WWHQ, and totally rocking this!

Strawberry champagne

Cheers to me!

A house full of girls is fraught with a dose or 10 of bitchiness and hormonal fluctuations, but holding it all together is a bond of love and support. We are an awesome team, forging ahead and moving mountains.

I have my chauffeur’s cap, my chef’s cap, my maid’s cap, my banker’s cap and my nurturing cap, that all fit snuggly. I call the shots, I make all the decisions, I get to chose what we eat, I mow the lawns (never did that before, we had a deal, he didn’t clean toilets and I didn’t mow lawns), the rubbish bin does get put out every week, I decide what my teen girls can and cannot do, I hug them when they are in pain, I support them when they are stressed, I nurse them when they are unwell, and I would not have it any other way.

I am blessed with two girls that are going through their teens with a positive attitude, big dreams and strong work ethic. They have fortunately both avoided the dreaded teen sulleness that so often rears its head when the hormones kick in. They have great friends, do really well at school and make me so damn proud.

One of them wants nothing to do with her father if possible, and the other one loves him to bits, and goes and stays with him for the weekend quite regularly. We have things nicely sorted without the need for lawyers, mediators or the like.

I am still single and have no idea if or when that will change. Will leave that to the Universe to sort out. I enjoy having the whole bed to myself, I enjoy not having anyone tell me what to do, I enjoy being me and not the ‘pretend’ person I was. I am now the only one responsible for my future, and I intend to keep rocking it!

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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like…..Physie Interclub Season!

It’s that time of the year again, Physie Interclub Season, has begun!

The scent of spray tan lingers in the air, cans of hairspray are stock piling, new leotards have arrived, hair pieces have arrived from the UK and the road tripping has begun.

Months of learning and practice now hit the floor for warm up competitions begin in preparation for Champion Girl at the end of the year.

Everton hit the road of the weekend, for a ‘little’ trip down to Tenterfield to join in an awsome interclub, hosted by our ‘sister’ club Granite Belt. Beautifully organised to perfection, it was great to see so much wonderful physie in a fun and friendly enviroment.

physie bags

Guess what our club colours are?

Yes the red and white bags are full of make-up, hair bits, tan, fishnets, leotards and more!

The winter woolies came out of retirement, as in Brisbane we really don’t need too much of that sort of thing. Heading south with overnight forecasts of 1 degree is a bit scary for the subtropical dwellers like us.

Physie weekends away are fun! Lot’s of wine, good food, physie, and time to relax and enjoy meals together. As my stomach is tied in knots when my girls go on the floor, after a long a day it is great to have the time to relax and chat to all the families that make up team Everton.

physie breakfast

Competition day starts with a good breakfast. French toast, banana, bacon, maple syrup and really good Merlo coffee hit the spot perfectly at the Willow Tree Cafe in the main street of Tenterfield. Others at the table had waffles, ham and cheese french toast or a big traditional hot breakfast. Not one of us was disappointed with their choices.

physie girls

The sun shone, and it was really quite mild if you were not in the wind, so we took the opportunity to to take some pics, before the girls hit the floor for competition.

Physical culture or physie as it is called is an amazing sport for girls to participate in. Building strength, flexibility, stamina it is great for health and deportment. Fantastic friendships have been formed. Some families have mum and daughter participate and this really is the most delightful sight. My girls only started 6 years ago, but some start as little tiny tots and never stop. With age brackets for all ladies, it is one of the wonderful things you can do at any age. Celebrating 120 years of dance sport, BJP Physical Culture is a fabulously healthy and inspiring thing to be part of.

Thank you Tenterfield for making everyone feel so welcome, nothing beats country hospitality. We are looking forward to our next visit in a few years time.

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How To Unlock Your Child’s Super Powers – My Book, A Giveaway And An Affiliate Link.

It’s Done, It’s Published, and I am just a little well a lot excited to share with you my new e-book, “How To Unlock Your Child’s Super Powers”!

This book was born from my experiences of 17 years parenting 2 amazing teen girls, all my training as a Natural Therapist, every silly mistake I have made. Coupled with a burning desire to see my girls have the MOST amazing life, with no limits, with no ‘it’s not possibles’, without fear to trying and being healthy to boot!

And where are they right now…..Miss 17 is in Year 12, attending a school set up by the Queensland government for children that are bright and prepared to work their behind’s off. The Queensland Academy For Maths, Science and Technology is not for the feint hearted, it is study at it’s most difficult, using the IB as it’s curriculum. But all this effort produces amazing results and opportunities for kids that are going to go on and do amazing things in the future. She is going to go on to medicine and eventually Neuro Surgery. On top of all that she is ‘addicted’ to Physie, precision dance that saw her make national finals at the Opera House last year.

Miss 13 is also doing very well at the local High School. Whilst her social life is her main priority (which is pretty normal at that age), her choice of future careers changes weekly, but she is incredibly caring and compassionate and hopefully she will find a path when the time is right where she can put those skills to good use.

They both have plenty of wonderful friends, great social lives, stay out of trouble, have adjusted beautifully to the demise of my 23 year marriage to their father, and are truly the light of my life. I love them with all that I am.

I want every child to find their passion, follow their heart, never take no for an answer, and simply shine!

“How To Unlock Your Child’s Super Powers” is over 80 pages of tips, tools and fun!

Everyone is born with amazing powers to create, but so often the values passed on to us by our parents, and life circumstances can see our power being squashed.

How To Unlock Your Child's Super Powers

“How To Unlock Your Child’s Super Powers” is for any parent who wants their child to be the best they can be and includes:-

  • Natural ways to support good health and wellbeing
  • Powerful ways to develop self esteem and self love
  • Practical solutions for childhood issues such as imaginary friends, bullies, shyness, the sulks and more
  • What colours you should not use in your childs bedroom
  • Valuable and practical life skills all children should learn to help them in adulthood
  • How to introduce affirmations into your lives and how to make them really work
  • Fun games with valuable lessons
  • How to help your child master the Law Of Attraction
  • Easy ways to get your child off the computer and into life
  • Discover how our limiting beliefs can stop our children from excelling
  • And so much more……..

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Sharing the blogging love for #FYBF with our lovely host With Some Grace

A Special Gift For All Parents!

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Christmas is an amazing time, especially for children. All the glitter, sparkles and excitment of the arrival of the man in red, is more than most can bare.

I adore my two gorgeous girls and love sharing in fun activities together, like decorating the home, baking my famous shortbreads, choosing gifts for family and friends and enjoying wonderful celebrations with those closest too our hearts.

More than anything, I want my girls to have outrageously successful and fun-filled lives, to live out their dreams, be, do and have anything they want, and be full of love, compassion and kindness. I wish for them to live in great health, rise above fear and not fall victim to living a lesser life being dragged down by others.

All parents simply want the very best for their children, but so often, our past conditioning, current life situations, stresses and fears teach our children that life is hard and that is just the way it is.

Determined to give my girls the best possible chance of creating a dream life, I have had to change the way I share and teach them about life.

To help other parents do the same, I have written a positive parenting e-book, that is full of fun and loving ways you can tackle lfe’s issues and concerns and teach your children in the most uplifting way how to be the best they can be.


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