A Special Gift For All Parents!

It’s almost Christmas, and this weekend, starting TODAY, I am linking up with group of bloggers to share some special Christmas offers, at Mummy Manifesto’s first online market, yay!


Christmas is an amazing time, especially for children. All the glitter, sparkles and excitment of the arrival of the man in red, is more than most can bare.

I adore my two gorgeous girls and love sharing in fun activities together, like decorating the home, baking my famous shortbreads, choosing gifts for family and friends and enjoying wonderful celebrations with those closest too our hearts.

More than anything, I want my girls to have outrageously successful and fun-filled lives, to live out their dreams, be, do and have anything they want, and be full of love, compassion and kindness. I wish for them to live in great health, rise above fear and not fall victim to living a lesser life being dragged down by others.

All parents simply want the very best for their children, but so often, our past conditioning, current life situations, stresses and fears teach our children that life is hard and that is just the way it is.

Determined to give my girls the best possible chance of creating a dream life, I have had to change the way I share and teach them about life.

To help other parents do the same, I have written a positive parenting e-book, that is full of fun and loving ways you can tackle lfe’s issues and concerns and teach your children in the most uplifting way how to be the best they can be.


For this weekend, I have slashed the price by 50%. Download it now for only $4.95!

Discover all the wonderful inclusions and download it now HERE (this offer only applies to the direct download option, not the Kindle edition)

Come and join the market day, discover some great offers and new blogs and spread some Christmas cheer!

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  1. Hi Nikki, thanks for linking up today and being so generous with your discount for the market. The link will be open all weekend for people to visit. Goodluck and thanks once again

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