International Day Of The Midwife, Thank You!

International Day Of The Midwife, May 5


Just shy of 15 years ago I was pacing up and down the corridor of North West Private Hospital well and truly in labour.

I seem to like to have my babies on a Saturday, both girls chose that day of the week to come in to the world.

The only problem with this, is that my fantastic OB, had every second Saturday off, which of course happened to be the Saturday I needed his help.

He had organised a replacement and with my first daughter all went well, he arrived on time, did his thing and Miss WW entered the world, 5 weeks early but healthy.

Talk about dejavu, the next Miss WW, decided to pull the same stunt, 5 weeks early and on a Saturday afternoon.

Mr replacement OB strolls in, does his examination and decides I still have hours to go, so leaves the hospital to have a cup of tea with his mum who lives close to the hospital, I kid you not!

Well Miss WW was having none of that and I very rapidy reached the point of no return, and before the doctor could get back to the hospital, my precious midwife had taken care of things and another little girl joined our family.

She was born blue, due to her rapid arrival, the cord wrapped around her neck on descent and had cut off her oxygen supply. My midwife whipped her away from me and they did what they had to do and thankfully, she was recuscitated and has grown up into an amazing young lady with no ill side effects.


Miss WW loves playing with phone camera apps, and I just love this one!

I had no kind words for that replacement Doctor when he finally showed up.

The most fun part of this whole experience was when I was going for a little stroll the next day my OB happened to arrive to do his rounds and I watched his jaw drop to the floor, as his replacement had not even advised him that I had given birth, big bonus was the bill was binned, his only way of apologising was making sure I did not have to pay!

Thanks to my amazing midwife I have my gorgeous girl and all is well, she did the job just as well as any specialist would have done, and to her I am eternally grateful. xxxxxxx

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  1. Midwives are some of the most special people in the world aren’t they? I had a few fantastic ones, and one awful one. But the babies were all born and ok now, so that’s all that matters really 🙂

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