Give A Bag Of Hope This Christmas! #itsinthebag



Yesterday I bought my first Christmas magazine for the season, no doubt the first of many.

I am lucky to have family to spend this special time with, in fact its one of the few times a year we all get together as we are all so busy.

For many women, Christmas will just be another day, probably a very tough one.

Everyday the number of women who are homeless or have simply walked away with nothing from a domestic violence situation is growing.

The most basic necessities that we take for granted they just do not have.

When you are planning your celebrations this year, could you please add one more thing to your list.


You don’t have to go out and buy one, it can be one of yours that you just don’t use anymore.

I cleaned out my extensive handbag collection the other day and I have kept two that I am going to fill up. The others were showing signs of just too much wear and the idea of passing those on just did not sit well with me, so I binned them.

Or pop into your local Op shop and grab one that is in decent condition.

Fill the bag full of things that would put a smile on a ‘sisters’ face.

Practical things are great such as personal grooming items are perfect.

Pretty things like a notebook and pen or a piece of jewellery are ideal.

Share The Dignity will have collection points all around Australia where you can drop off your bag between 19 November and 3 December.

Together with charity organisations around the country these bags will be given to those ladies in real need in time for Christmas.

There is a list of suggested items on their site as well as a few things you are not allowed to pack in your bag for safety reasons.

You can join their mailing list to get updates on drop off locations in your state and they will be listed on the site closer to the date.

Christmas is the perfect time to share some generosity with others and this awesome idea will ensure that every dollar you spend is going directly to help shine some positivity and love where it is so desperately needed.


** I was not asked or paid to write this post, it is a project that I am supporting and really hope that you will too.

xxx N


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A Fabulous Farewell To An Amazing Lady

As fabulous as a funeral can be!

When a dear friend passes away, it is a sad time and when it happens quickly shock hits you hard.

A very dear friend of my parents, made a rapid departure from the earthly plain.

40 years of very close friendship gone in the blink of an eye.

Anne was an amazing women that you simply could not dislike. The life of every party, the organizer of many a soiree, and never without a glass of bubbles or red in her hand in her hand except for breakfast!

Having lived an amazing life, right to the very last minute, at 84 she was gone in a flash, thankfully without years of pain and suffering.

She enjoyed every minute of her life, and so her funeral had to reflect how she lived.

And so it was…..

beach funeral

No church, hall or crematorium, just her favourite place on earth, the beach!

No coffins, hearses or pallbearers, just family, friends and sunshine.

beach funeral flowers

There were flowers, photo’s and a celebrant. Lovingly delivered speeches by those closest to her. There were tears but also lot’s of smiles as some of her more hilarious moments were remembered.

At the end of the service, we all walked down to the water’s edge to throw flowers into the ocean.

celebrate with champagne

And there was bubbles, and wine and delectable nibbles, served at a stunning home, generously provided by good friends.

As the sun went down over the stunning scenery, we laughed, joked, remembered, cried and drank some more.

Anne’s family live all over the country and it usually takes a wedding or a funeral to bring them all together in one place. Some of them I had not seen since we were children playing and going to ballet classes in Papua New Guinea. They have married and have had children that are all grown up. A whole new family has joined my Facebook feed.

Anne, we did our best to give you a farewell that was totally in sync with your life.

I think we did good!

An Easy Way To Make A Difference!

Every time I answer the phone or open the letter box, there is always another charity looking for help.

Even though they are all very worthy it is just not possible for me to help them all.

I do have a soft spot for charities that help children. I am blessed with two perfect daughters and I really feel for parents who are not so lucky.

The Cerebral Palsy League has come up with a novel way to support them, without having to find a big wad of cash in one go.


Spare change adds up!

Every few months my tin is picked up and a new one dropped off in it’s place. They mail me out a receipt that I can then use at tax time. Emptying my wallet of coins and putting them in this tin is easy to do and I am always amazed how much actually went in there each time.

Every 14 hours, a child in Australia is born with cerebral palsy, and affects the way the brain controls the body’s muscles. It results in speech, movement and posture difficulties. Cerebral palsy is not hereditory and all the causes are not yet known. At some stage in development injury to the brain occurs and it simply does not function normally. Research and support needs funding and with a ‘Friendship Tin’ you can help provide the Cerebral Palsy League with cash.

This is a great way to teach kids the concept of helping others less fortunate, by having them deposit the coins in to the tin and explaining to them why you are helping out.

You can have a tin at your home too! Just CLICK HERE  (This post is not sponsored) 🙂

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The Travelling Bra – You Can Help A Mum In Need!

The Travelling Bra – Join In Some Country Wide Fun!

 Motherhood can bring so much pleasure, but sometimes it can be one of the hardest gigs around. Sometimes life throws some pretty tough stuff our way, and we need support to get us through. Not everyone is blessed with family and friends that can help at times of crisis.

Support for Mums is only a phone call away (1300 891 262). If life is dishing up more than you can cope with. They are there to help if you are unwell, if one of children is sick or causing concern, if your partner is stuggling and you don’t know what to do, or if anxiety and stress are stopping you from coping with day to day life.

There is nothing wrong with asking for help! No-one deserves to feel trapped and helpless!

This life-line of help for Aussie mums, provides an invaluable service and wants to raise awareness of the services they offer and at the same time raise valuable funds so they can continue to help mums all over the country!

Enter THE bra!


This ‘little’ beauty is going on a scenic tour of our beautiful country and no doubt will see some amazing sights!

We are a creative lot with the most amazing scenery in the world. Surely you can come up with a clever way to take a happy snap and share on social media to let Aussie women know that help is there when they need it.

Single-handedly we can’t fix every wrong and help every person in crisis, but as a combined group we can do amazing things. Australian’s are good at helping our own.

You can be part of the fun by simply donating HERE. You will then be added to the list and the bra will make it’s way to your front door. Snap, share and send (on to the next person)!


What clever idea can you come up with for a great bra shot?

Sharing your photo and why you are doing it, could appear in the newfeed of someone who needs help right at that moment, but does not know who to turn to. Newsfeeds can be very helpful like that.

If every happy mum donated a little bit, so many sad mum’s could get vital help they needed.


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So Glad That I Live In Australia!

I start work at 5am, and it is only when I go on my coffee break, that I whip out my phone and get a Facebook/News update on what is happening in the big wide world.

On most days I love my little morning catch up, but this morning, all I could see, was a newsfeed full of respectful offerings of condolance for the people of Boston. Another horrible attack on human life in the USA.

I know horrible things happen to people all over the world, but these acts of blatant callousness against fellow man leave me so sad and I worry about the world our children are growing up in.

I love the USA, one of the best holiday’s ever, was my visit to the magical land of Disney, and surrounds. I would love to take my two teens there, so than can experience the fun and hype that is America, but my 17 year old, keeps telling me she does not want to go, it is not safe.

Today, lives and limbs have been lost, a famous race that athletes spend years training for, now has a tarnished reputation through no fault of it’s own. I send my prayers and best wishes to a city that is in pain today.


As I sit here in my safe and comfortable home, on a beautiful sunny day, when there is barely  breeze to move the trees, I am so grateful to live in a country that does not regularly wake to such tragedy, and I hope it stays that way.

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Would You Sell Your Kidney For $3600?

The front page of the Sunday Mail asked the question ‘Would You Sell Your Kidney?’ and I expected it to be a story about black market organ sales…..oh but I was so wrong!

The Australian government is going to pay living organ doners a 6 seek wage, up to $3600.00 in an attempt to reduce the waiting list for people who are in desperate need for a healthy kidney.

Dialysis keeps people alive, but it is not a fun way to live. Hours are spent in hospital hooked up to a machine that does the job your kidneys are designed to do. Unfortunately it is not the perfect solution. It gives many a chance to considerably extend their life, but eventually most succumb to renal failure. I have had a someone close to me go through this. He never got the ‘call’, and he died way to young.


To be eligible for this payment, you must be alive and employed as the payment will be distributed by your employer. Are the unemployed peoples kidney’s not good enough? This payment is also available to those who would give part of their liver.

The selling and buying of organs is illegal in this country, and so it should be, desperate people will go to any lengths to relieve their suffering, but is this a practical way to find organ doners?

This is major surgery, will high risks. Is $3600.00 enough to take such a risk? Would you do it?

Giving the gift of life to another through organ donation is the ultimate gift, and family members who donate for one of their own, make that gift with love, and admire their strength.

Our family have all agreed, that when it is time, they can have any part of us that could be of assistance to another.

Surely there must be other steps we can take to increase the organ donation rate in this country.

At the moment, if you want to be an organ doner, you have to elect to be one. Why not turn that around, and make it that everyone is an organ doner, and if for religious reasons, moral ethics or simply personal choice, you can nominate to NOT be a doner, but you then have to make the effort to not be one, instead of the other way around.

This is one conversation that every family should have, so that the exact wishes of every person is well known. The pressure put on surviving family members at the unfortunate time of someone’s passing, to make the decision either way, is a tough one. Many valuable organs never have the chance to help another, because the family can’t say YES.

Does your family know what your desires are when it comes to organ donation?

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How To Unlock Your Child’s Super Powers – My Book, A Giveaway And An Affiliate Link.

It’s Done, It’s Published, and I am just a little well a lot excited to share with you my new e-book, “How To Unlock Your Child’s Super Powers”!

This book was born from my experiences of 17 years parenting 2 amazing teen girls, all my training as a Natural Therapist, every silly mistake I have made. Coupled with a burning desire to see my girls have the MOST amazing life, with no limits, with no ‘it’s not possibles’, without fear to trying and being healthy to boot!

And where are they right now…..Miss 17 is in Year 12, attending a school set up by the Queensland government for children that are bright and prepared to work their behind’s off. The Queensland Academy For Maths, Science and Technology is not for the feint hearted, it is study at it’s most difficult, using the IB as it’s curriculum. But all this effort produces amazing results and opportunities for kids that are going to go on and do amazing things in the future. She is going to go on to medicine and eventually Neuro Surgery. On top of all that she is ‘addicted’ to Physie, precision dance that saw her make national finals at the Opera House last year.

Miss 13 is also doing very well at the local High School. Whilst her social life is her main priority (which is pretty normal at that age), her choice of future careers changes weekly, but she is incredibly caring and compassionate and hopefully she will find a path when the time is right where she can put those skills to good use.

They both have plenty of wonderful friends, great social lives, stay out of trouble, have adjusted beautifully to the demise of my 23 year marriage to their father, and are truly the light of my life. I love them with all that I am.

I want every child to find their passion, follow their heart, never take no for an answer, and simply shine!

“How To Unlock Your Child’s Super Powers” is over 80 pages of tips, tools and fun!

Everyone is born with amazing powers to create, but so often the values passed on to us by our parents, and life circumstances can see our power being squashed.

How To Unlock Your Child's Super Powers

“How To Unlock Your Child’s Super Powers” is for any parent who wants their child to be the best they can be and includes:-

  • Natural ways to support good health and wellbeing
  • Powerful ways to develop self esteem and self love
  • Practical solutions for childhood issues such as imaginary friends, bullies, shyness, the sulks and more
  • What colours you should not use in your childs bedroom
  • Valuable and practical life skills all children should learn to help them in adulthood
  • How to introduce affirmations into your lives and how to make them really work
  • Fun games with valuable lessons
  • How to help your child master the Law Of Attraction
  • Easy ways to get your child off the computer and into life
  • Discover how our limiting beliefs can stop our children from excelling
  • And so much more……..

Find out more and download your copy now for only $9.95 HERE

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Donate Life Week And One Conversation You Need To Have!

Organ donation is not compulsory in Australia, but I really wish it was!

So many families are faced with the tough decision on whether to say yes or no to organ donation, at a time when they are deeply drenched in the saddness of the loss of a loved one. If you have not clearly stated your wishes, your family have to make the call.


Make time this week to have a family discussion about what you would like!

This is not a fun discussion, but such an important one. When you pass away, you have the chance to give a gift to humanity that could prove to be the greatest gift possible…….the chance of life for someone who is losing their battle.

The waitlist for organ transplant in this country is incredibly high, the wait for a suitable doner can be a slow process, and every day increases the risk that they will not survive. If it was your child or family member that was on that list, you would be hoping and preying for a life saving miracle, even though another human has to lose their life.

As far as I am concerned, if you are dead, you don’t need your body parts. They are going into the ground or turned into ash, seems like such a waste if you could help someone else:-

* Allow a child to reach their teens

* Share the joys of graduating from High School

* Getting married

* Bringing another little person into this world

* The bliss of watching a sunrise

* Travelling the world

* Swimming in the ocean

*Kissing a loved one………..the list is endless!

Find time this week to sit the family down and get clear about what you all want. This is not a fun conversation, but worth your time. Either way your nearest and dearest will know exactly what to do, if they are ever placed in the situation of having to make such a tough decision, when grief clouds their judgement.

We have had this talk, we all agree, organ donation is a beautiful gift, that we are all happy to make when the time comes!

Are you for or against organ donation, or have you no idea?

A Celebration, A Cyclone, And A Clean-Up…What A Weekend!

What should be a nice relaxing Australia Day Weekend, has been anything but that!!

It is after midnight and I should be tucked up in bed, ready to start the work week, but I just can’t sleep. A sense of uneasy keeps washing over me and I think I am just in over tired mode now.

This Australia Day long weekend has been tough. For so many families in my home state of Queensland are reliving the nightmare of the 2011 floods all over again. Only two years ago we watched with horror as water created a moving monster that destoyed peoples homes and lively hoods. Many have not fully recovered from that event and have to relive it all again.

This long weekend always co-incides with my eldest daughters birthday. Yesterday my gorgeous girl turned 17 and we had orgainsed a Cocktail Party (minus the alcohol) to celebrate. Weeks of planning and preparing was poured into this party and it almost didn’t happen as wild wind and lot’s of rain made it impossible for many of the guests to participate. I almost cancelled the whole thing and rescheduled it for another weekend, but had fridges full of food and fab mocktails to drink and an awesome caramel mudcake to share, that we went ahead and fortunately enough people did come and make Miss WW’s 17th a great night.

Only last week my grass was brown and garden was droopy, and now I could go an build a castle out of mud. My garden is a mess, my pool is almost over flowing even though I have backwashed it twice, my washing machine decided to trip the power, so my uniforms have not been cleaned and it took most of today to clean up after the party, BUT I am one of the lucky ones. Our house is safe and dry, we did not lose power like 250,000 odd other houses have, my next door neighbour lost power, but we are on a different grid and ours stayed on, and my air-conditioning is purring away keeping us cool and dry.

I just don’t feel like one of the lucky ones. Watching the news of all the devestation has left me feeling so sad and all my silly little trivial worries seem like such a big burdon, which they are not.

I wish I could stop pain, stress and saddness that is all around. I wish I could stop the water from flowing right now. BUT I can’t. I can only hope and prey that everyone stays safe and that this passes quickly. We Aussies are built tough, to live in a land of such diversity, we have to be. Tonight, Queensland you are in my prayers, wishing you all a brighter day tomorrow.

Pregnancy Loss Remembrance Day – For The Three Angels I Never Met

Pregnancy Loss Remembrance Day will stir a lot of emotions, even if you have never experienced the pain and saddness, no doubt you probably know someone who has!

…..Remembering The Three Angels I Never Met!

Life as an overworked, but very well travelled Corporate Travel Consultant was exhausting and exhilerating at the same time! I spent many hours behind the desk organising travel for top executives from a multitude of companies, and on a regular basis, I would come home and let hubby know that I was off galavanting AGAIN!

Even though I knew I wanted to have children, it was only after 7 years of marriage, that I finally put my passport away in the bottom drawer and through the pill packet in the bin, in preperation for the next stage of my life!

It did not take too long for me to fall pregnant, the excitement of that first home pregnancy test simply cannot be described. I felt good, no morning sickness or anything like that, so just had a big smile on my face as I thought everything was just working out perfectly.

WRONG – at the 11 week mark, a trip to the loo, brought with it spots of red, and a panic attack! Trying to keep calm, knowing that many women spotted throughout pregancy, an appointment with one of Brisbane’s most respected scanners, delivered the news I DID NOT want to hear. Two little bubbies had no heart beat!

Lot’s of tears, a D & C, and a couple of days out of the office, it was back to work. A stunning bunch of flowers were waiting for me from one of my great clients, just made me want to scream, even though they were a lovely gesture. I was lucky that all my family and friends were very supportive, but I was pissed off, I don’t like it when things don’t go my way!

About 6 months later, I was lucky enough to be pregnant again, exactly the same scenario played out again at the 10 week mark. All the same anger and emotions and a feeling that maybe we were never going to be parents just hounded me, but 1 comment from my OB let a little glimmer of hope still shine……”If you can get this far, you can have a successful pregnancy“.

After 2 failed attempts, I decided to take some drastic action, I resigned from my job and joined an agency that provided temps for the Travel Industry. Every week or two or three, I got to work in a different office and my stress levels were definately reduced.

12 months after the first miscarriage I was pregnant for the 3rd time. At 8 weeks, I went off for a scan and there was a heartbeat! My OB said it was still too early to be sure that all would go well, but he was did say he was prepared to put a bet on that this time it would go right. It was soooooo damn hard not to get to excited, I didn’t want to jinx it, I did not think about starting to buy baby goodies, or even consider names. The 12 week mark passed, with no spotting, still no morning sickness, but as the weeks continued to pass, my belly began to grow, and at 35 weeks, my gorgeous girl was safely delivered!

Three years passed before we decided to try for a second. It took about 6 months this time, and in all the hype and activity of Christmas, I didn’t even notice that I had missed a period. It was only on New Years Eve, when no matter what drink was put in front of me, I could not face any of them. Hang on a minute, home test kit required, and the little blue line shone brightly. Again at 35 weeks, our next little girl was born blue from a rapid release from my belly, but very fortunately revived with no adverse effects.

That was it for us, we were blessed with two girls and were calling an end to baby production. A vasectomy followed a few months later!

Miscarriage is hard, full of pain and anger, lot’s of why me’s, and not shared enough with the people we love. I knew my friend had 3 miscarriages and one successful pregnancy, and it was only many years later that she fessed up that she had 7 in total, but was just so over telling people, they kept it too themselves. That is not right and not how it should be!

Maybe my miscarriages were the boys I was just not ever to have, maybe nature was actually being kind and letting my babies leave me early rather than later or being born with no chance of survival, maybe my body was simply telling me to slow down, lot’s of maybe’s, that I will never know the answers too!

Please don’t be afraid to share your sorrow, talking about it really does help the healing process, and if you don’t feel comfortable turning to family and friends, get professional help, you are worth it!

10 Wonderful Ways To Be A Good Friend

Friends are precious jewels that bless our lives!

During our lifetime, special friends share the journey with us, they are there for us through thick and thin, and sometimes are just taken for granted. Being a good friend helps to keep those special relationships alive and the following 10 tips will help ensure you do your share to keep your friendships alive and thriving.

I have been blessed with some amazing friends who have stood by me through thick and thin, others have gone by the way side for variety of reasons, but I treasure the ‘keepers’ and appreciate the value they bring to my life.

  • Have fun together………. when you do get to spend time with a friend, don’t dedicate the entire time to whinging and bitching about all that is wrong with your world. It is great to be able to share issues with someone, but if you do nothing but complain everytime you meet, those meetings might stop.
  • Make the time……… life does get very busy, but make the time to pick up the phone, send a text, write an email or letter or send a lovely card or book in a time for coffee, NOW!
  • Say sorry……… when you have done something wrong, be brave enough to face it and apologise. We all make mistakes or say something in the heat of the moment, but the best of us know when to admit it!
  • Be reliable……… don’t keep changing or backing out of plans you make with them unless it is totally unavoidable.
  • Offer a helping hand……… help with their kids, cook them a dinner, share your baking, given them flowers from your garden…….any little thing to brighten their day.
  • Don’t be jealous……… of their success or good fortune. Bless them instead, let the universe know you would like some of that too. Jealousy blocks you receiving good ‘stuff’.
  • Be a good listener and less of a talker…….. let them unload their troubles, they will feel better for it.
  • Accept things do change…….. you do need to be a bit adaptable, especially when partners and children come along, especially if the changes are not happening to you. Dynamics may change, but that does not mean you can’t still be friends.
  • Honesty is the best policy…..most of the time! When friends have strong opinions of things, that don’t necessarily agree with your values, you don’t always have to voice your thoughts. A quiet chuckle and nod of disagreement in silence can hold a friendship together.
  • Don’t forget important dates…….. birthdays, anniversaries, or the like are important for your friend, so make sure you remember them. A call, text or card, will let your friend know they are in your thoughts.

BUT sometimes friendships run the course and come to an end, and it is OK to let them go!

When it is all give and no take, when it is only about them, when they simply don’t make time for you, let them gently go without guilt or anger.

Have you had to give up a good friend?

Can You Find $10.00 To Help Save The Life Of Newborns?

Here in Australia, we are blessed with wonderful hospital facilities. Even the public system, although not perfect, provides facilities of hygiene and care, giving your precious baby an excellent start to life!

When I had my two girls, I was given the luxury of a beautiful private room with a queen size bed and a fridge for the bottle of bubbles to celebrate our new arrivals.

So many women, in so many countries have nothing to help them or their newborns! Every 90 seconds a women dies from complications arising in pregnancy or childbirth, especially infections resulting from the birth! You don’t have to be wealthy to make a huge difference, for $10.00 you can have 4 birth kits provided to women that need our help desperately.

The Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia) is a non-profit, non-government organisation that provides birthing kits and education in clean birth practices around the world. These simple but effective kits help cover 7 areas that can help reduce the risk of infection and are:-

  1. Clean birth site
  2. Clean hands
  3. Clean ties
  4. Clean cut
  5. Clean eyes
  6. Clean umbilical cord
  7. Clean perineum

To date over 800,000 of these kits have been distributed in over 30 countries, and thanks to Zonta Australia, kits are assembled in Australia by volunteers!

Anyone who has a child knows how blessed they are, and how important basic hygiene is. Every women has the same right to give her child and herself every chance of success.

What a fantastic Mothers Day present, a donation on behalf of the special Mother in your life. DONATE now starting at just $10.00 you can give a mother and baby a fighting chance! I have filled out my online form, please join me!

What other wonderful causes do you support that help mothers or children?


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