Donate Life Week And One Conversation You Need To Have!

Organ donation is not compulsory in Australia, but I really wish it was!

So many families are faced with the tough decision on whether to say yes or no to organ donation, at a time when they are deeply drenched in the saddness of the loss of a loved one. If you have not clearly stated your wishes, your family have to make the call.


Make time this week to have a family discussion about what you would like!

This is not a fun discussion, but such an important one. When you pass away, you have the chance to give a gift to humanity that could prove to be the greatest gift possible…….the chance of life for someone who is losing their battle.

The waitlist for organ transplant in this country is incredibly high, the wait for a suitable doner can be a slow process, and every day increases the risk that they will not survive. If it was your child or family member that was on that list, you would be hoping and preying for a life saving miracle, even though another human has to lose their life.

As far as I am concerned, if you are dead, you don’t need your body parts. They are going into the ground or turned into ash, seems like such a waste if you could help someone else:-

* Allow a child to reach their teens

* Share the joys of graduating from High School

* Getting married

* Bringing another little person into this world

* The bliss of watching a sunrise

* Travelling the world

* Swimming in the ocean

*Kissing a loved one………..the list is endless!

Find time this week to sit the family down and get clear about what you all want. This is not a fun conversation, but worth your time. Either way your nearest and dearest will know exactly what to do, if they are ever placed in the situation of having to make such a tough decision, when grief clouds their judgement.

We have had this talk, we all agree, organ donation is a beautiful gift, that we are all happy to make when the time comes!

Are you for or against organ donation, or have you no idea?

2 thoughts on “Donate Life Week And One Conversation You Need To Have!

  1. The question is nowhere that simple. I, too, considered the donation of my body parts- which I did literally the next day after my religion changed its stance on organ donation.
    But, in the interim, states have changed their stance on the definition of death- and now, you may or may not be dead when they decide to harvest your organs. And, that violates my religion.

    1. Dear Roy, religion would have to be the one big reason that so many people choose not to elect to donate their organs. You have to follow what is right for you.

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