How To Celebrate A 60th Birthday In Style, Without Blowing The Budget!

A 60th Birthday requires a awesome celebration. A simple backyard barbie just will not cut it!

A very dear friend of mine turned 60 last week, and after a few months of planning, we threw a party to remember.

What do you get when you have 16 people, a 6 bedroom house in the hills of Montville, a My Kitchen Rules Competition and lots of alcohol? A birthday party to talk about for years to come!


The most important ingredient of a good weekend away is somewhere wonderful to stay. This is the view from the back deck at Montville Mountain Lodge. This gorgeous 6 bedroom, 3 bathroom, super modern house is perched up in the hills of Montville and was the perfect setting.

As some of the guests were budget conscious or had travelled from interstate to join in the celebrations, we decided that self-catering was the best way to feed us all. Normally when you get a large group like this together, a small select few get stuck in the kitchen doing all the work, while the rest sit back and get sozzled.

We hatched a little plan that saw everyone get split into one of 3 groups (with 2 judges) and we had a My Kitchen Rules cooking competition for dinner on Saturday night. Much to our surprise, EVERYONE pitched in and had a great time doing it! Many hands do make light work.


Sesame crumbed Chicken tenderloins with Plum, Ginger and Garlic dipping sauce, and garden fresh salad.

Asian infused braised Beef with fettucine.

Pavolva, Passisionfruit, Cream and Raspberry Parfaits.

I chose the menu, did all the shopping and packaged everything up measured and ready to go to make things a little easier for everyone.


Getting into the swing of things, we all had to decorate our own aprons to wear in the kitchen!


Entree was absolutely yummy (and was the course that won first prize)!

asian beef

The sauce for the Asian Infused Beef, smelt amazing and wafted through the whole house, and it tasted devine too!

60th cake

Every birthday girl needs a great cake, and this ‘jewellery box’ cake even had edible jewels on it!


Every good party needs a selection of cold beverages, but with a fridge over flowing with food, what does one do? Uses the bath tub of course!

AND the cost for all this wonderfulness, only $75.00 per person per night, I call that a real bargain.

We all had no idea how this was all going to pan out, we hoped for the best, and we certainly got it. Very lucky that 16 people could all get on so well together and create so many wonderful memories.

Who’s birthday is next, would love to do this all over again, hmmmmmmmm?

Very thankful for this experience, and I am sharing for Thankful Thursday with Six By The Bay

Last day for voting for the Top 25 Single Mother Bloggers competition, I would love your vote, thank you.

5 thoughts on “How To Celebrate A 60th Birthday In Style, Without Blowing The Budget!

  1. WOW – sounds like a great way to celebrate a 60th birthday !!!! Montville is such a lovely place to visit.
    Have an amazing week !
    #TT visitor

  2. What a fabulous idea…and what a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday!! I love the look of that menu and what a good friend you are to plan, shop and organise as you did. I love the Montville/Maleny area – so beautiful. The view from the deck is gorgeous. I might consider doing something similar for my next BIG birthday 😉 Min xo

  3. What an awesome idea! Sounds like the most wonderful celebration. Good friends, good food and good fun! Thanks for linking up! xxxxx

  4. I think I gained 5 lbs. just reading the menu! Yes, the celebration of life and friendship is the greatest gift we give each other. Thank you for sharing the birthday party.

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