Can You Find $10.00 To Help Save The Life Of Newborns?

Here in Australia, we are blessed with wonderful hospital facilities. Even the public system, although not perfect, provides facilities of hygiene and care, giving your precious baby an excellent start to life!

When I had my two girls, I was given the luxury of a beautiful private room with a queen size bed and a fridge for the bottle of bubbles to celebrate our new arrivals.

So many women, in so many countries have nothing to help them or their newborns! Every 90 seconds a women dies from complications arising in pregnancy or childbirth, especially infections resulting from the birth! You don’t have to be wealthy to make a huge difference, for $10.00 you can have 4 birth kits provided to women that need our help desperately.

The Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia) is a non-profit, non-government organisation that provides birthing kits and education in clean birth practices around the world. These simple but effective kits help cover 7 areas that can help reduce the risk of infection and are:-

  1. Clean birth site
  2. Clean hands
  3. Clean ties
  4. Clean cut
  5. Clean eyes
  6. Clean umbilical cord
  7. Clean perineum

To date over 800,000 of these kits have been distributed in over 30 countries, and thanks to Zonta Australia, kits are assembled in Australia by volunteers!

Anyone who has a child knows how blessed they are, and how important basic hygiene is. Every women has the same right to give her child and herself every chance of success.

What a fantastic Mothers Day present, a donation on behalf of the special Mother in your life. DONATE now starting at just $10.00 you can give a mother and baby a fighting chance! I have filled out my online form, please join me!

What other wonderful causes do you support that help mothers or children?


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