Bring back the real Barbeque Shapes!

Bring back the real barbeque shapes

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Its very rare that I will put up a post on this blog full of grumbles and complaints, as I want my blog to be a positive space.


What the hell were you thinking Arnott’s Biscuits when you decided to change an Aussie icon????

For as long as I can remember, Barbeque Shapes have been one of my favourite savoury snacks.

Over the years I have seen a steady decline in the amount of flavouring sprinkled over these crunchy morsels, but at least the flavour was the same.

Not any more!

The ‘new and improved’ Barbeque Shapes have hit the shop shelves.

AND they are absolutely disgusting as far as I am concerned. (First world problem I know).

We had sample packs of them in the staff room at work, and not a single person that tried them thought they were any good.

I decided to jump on to the Arnott’s Biscuits Facebook page and just see if anyone else was voicing their opinion.

Hell yeah, tons and tons of comments absolutely bagging the new varieties of Shapes biscuits they have altered.

I am hoping that if enough people complain we will get the original Barbeque Shapes back……it sure worked with Australia Post this week……

Australia post price hikes

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There are plenty of people who can vouch for the unbelievably atrocious service sometimes provided by Australia Post even though they keep increasing charges.

Earlier this week I witnessed a meltdown on Facebook in one of the planning groups that I am in due to a mind blowing price hike that Australia Post had decided to make to parcels being sent overseas.

The new rates determined that if an envelope contained anything other than printed matter it would be charged at parcel rates.

So a pair of earrings or a single roll of washi tape that could be posted for $2.75 would now cost $15.85 to send to the USA or $23.75 to send to Europe, WTF!

This simply meant the instant end to hundreds of Etsy shop owners and creative businesses.

There was lots of tears and anger as so many stay-at-home mums who make a living selling to customers all over the world no longer had a viable business.

Australia Post’s Facebook page was flooded with protests.

And it worked!

By the next day the powers-to-be realised the incredible amount of business they would lose if all these parcels were no longer being sent and they did a complete back flip and reverted the costs for small ‘parcels’ back to the original rules. Big win for people power.

Arnott’s Biscuits get on to this and give us back the real thing, stat!

Rant over and a return to positive posts shall commence.

Have you tried the new Shapes?

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11 thoughts on “Bring back the real Barbeque Shapes!

  1. I still can’t believe Arnott’s doesn’t make Coffee Scrolls anymore. And now it looks like Spicy Fruit Rolls are being phased out – I can’t find them in any of my local supermarkets 🙁 . And while we’re on the subject of products changing, I *loved* the Coles brand dark chocolate – it was da bomb, but now they’ve changed the recipe and it’s got a funny taste to it. Why can’t the leave them alone!!!!!

    1. OMG, I work at Woolies and I have not noticed that Spicy Fruit Rolls are no longer on the shelf. Will be checking out on Tuesday because I love them.

  2. I haven’t tried the new Shapes but I’ve yet to hear anything good. I didn’t know that about Australia Post – how impressive that they actually listened!?

  3. Oh I’ll have to check out the Australia Post thing. I’d looked up their site a week or so ago to get some quotes for postage to China as my niece is there, but the prices for even the smallest parcel were exorbitant! Definitely not worth it.

    As for Arnotts, I’m coeliac so haven’t had BBQ shapes in a decade or so… but I was partial to the Chicken Crimpy or Dixie Drumstick myself (back in the day).

    1. Australia Post is just the biggest rip off, I can order a small item from China and it gets delivered here for $2.00 including postage!

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