30 Days Of Positive Affirmations To Grow Your Self-Confidence!

Your mind is just like a garden. Is yours full of beautiful flowers or overrun with weeds?

Past experiences, bad and good will make up the thoughts that run through your head everyday.

The quality of your thoughts will determine how you feel about yourself and how wonderful your life is.

A constant barrage of negative thoughts can be very powerful and trap you in a downward spiral very quickly.

One of my biggest battles, goes on in my head very regularly. I often doubt myself and my ability to do things.

A great idea gets stomped on quickly with a rattle of negative thoughts.

My mind is full of weeds from past experiences and hurts and when left unchecked can keep me trapped there for ages.

A quick scroll through social media and you will probably see plenty of positive quotes and affirmations, but like any thing that is going to change a bad habit or improve your positive vibration takes a lot more than a quick read and scroll on.

Positive affirmations are a powerful tool for change but they need to be a constant focus.

Below are 30 days worth of affirmations to get you started.

Each morning write the affirmation on a sticky note and put it somewhere you will see it regularly throughout the day or put it on a card that you can place in your purse or pocket.

Repeat the affirmation as often as possible during the day.

Every time a negative thought pops into your head. Take a deep breath, hold and release and then start repeating the positive affirmation.

If saying the affirmation out loud or in your head makes you feel uncomfortable (your mind is resisting the change), gently tap along your collar bone with the tops of your fingers until the feeling subsides. This simple Emotional Freedom Technique is a way of telling yourself its ok to believe this new thought and release the negative energy being held inside.

Try this for the next month and see the difference.


30 days of positive affirmations

Day 1 – I Am Loved

Day 2 – I Am Important

Day 3 – I Am Worthy Of Respect

Day 4 – There Is A Solution To Every Problem

Day 5 – I Trust The Decisions I Make

Day 6 – I Am Full Of Hope

Day 7 – I Am Strong

Day 8 – I Am Healthy

Day 9 – I Can Do Anything I Put My Mind To

Day 10 – Life Keeps Getting Better And Better

Day 11 – I See Endless Opportunities Coming To Me

Day 12 – I Am No Longer Controlled By My Past

Day 13 – I Am Worthy Of Happiness

Day 14 – I Am So Excited For All The Good Things To Come

Day 15 – I Am In Control Of My Life

Day 16 – I Am Confident

Day 17 – I Love Myself Just The Way I Am

Day 18 – I Am Good Enough

Day 19 – I Embrace My Fears Calmly

Day 20 – I Think Like A Winner

Day 21 – I Am Joyful

Day 22 – I Make Time For Things That Make Me Happy

Day 23 – I Take A Positive Step Forward Everyday

Day 24 – I Am Grateful

Day 25 – My Abundance Is Constantly Increasing

Day 26 – I Am Worthy Of Loving Relationships

Day 27 – Great Things Are Coming To Me Now

Day 28 – I Always Do The Best I Can Do

Day 29 – I Take Action And Chase My Dreams

Day 30 – I Am Absolutely Awesome


Feel free to make your own affirmations. If there is an issue that causes you grief, write down what the issue is, then reframe it with a positive outcome.

Starting them with ‘I Am’ is a powerful way to reframe your thinking as it states that it is already yours.

Have fun, lot’s of happy thoughts and start pulling out those annoying weeds.

What is your favourite affirmation?

Or have you never really tried them?

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6 thoughts on “30 Days Of Positive Affirmations To Grow Your Self-Confidence!

  1. I’ve never really tried affirmations apart from when I was pregnant with my twins and the doctors were constantly warning me of all the possible complications when I went into early labour. They actually got a bit cranky with me when I was so positive and told them that my twins would be healthy with no complications no matter how early they were born. Mt twins did end up being born early but basically being healthy. I believe my positive affirmations did help.

    1. That sure is a good reason to try and stay positive! So glad they were born healthy, nothing else really matters.

  2. Thanks for this post Nikki. I particularly like the ‘I always do the best I can do’ as this one really gives you permission to fail or to not meet expectations and takes the pressure off. I’m constantly working on affirming NO 18 – I think this is the key.

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