How to turn fabric scraps into pretty puffy gift tags!

Use up your fabric scraps

I always seem to end up with loads of fabric scraps. Some of them are just too pretty to throw out.

So I sat down one afternoon and with some beads that I had in my stash and a quick bit of sewing I made these cute little puffy pillows that you can tie on to gifts.

They make great little pin cushions or can even be tied on to a key ring.

Add a couple of drops of lavender or lemongrass pure essential oil to the back of the pillow and tie to a coat hanger. This will keep things smelling sweet and will deter creepy crawlies from moving in.


Fabric scraps cut into 10 x 10 cm squares. (You can use two of the same or contrasting ones for front and back)

Selection of small beads, buttons or gems.

Matching thread.

Sewing needle and machine.

Two lengths of ribbon 15 cm in length.

Poly fibre fill.


beading and sewing

Sew the beads on to the right side of one piece of fabric before you sew them together. It is too fiddly to try and add them after you have sewn the pillow together.

Sewing little pillows

On the back side of one piece of fabric, mark out a sewing guide so you don’t accidentally sew the whole thing together.

Lay the piece of fabric that has the beads sewn on it down on the table with the beads facing up.

Take the two pieces of ribbon and lay them down the centre of the fabric, with one pair of the ends lining up with the edge of the fabric.

Place the second piece of fabric, right side down on top of the first, so that the ribbon hangs down the centre where you will not be sewing.

Using a sewing machine or sew by hand, starting at either of the openings and working right around to the other side until you reach the opposite opening.

Tie off the thread and trim off the excess fabric on each corner.

Gently pull on the ribbon through the opening and turn the pillow inside out.

Use a knitting needle or pencil inserted in the hole to gently push the corners out and create an even square.

Break off small bits of the poly fibre fill and push it into the pillow until it is nice and full.

Gently tug on each corner of the side that is still open and tuck the fabric into place so that the edges fold into the pillow.

Using a needle and thread sew the opening together with small slip stitches and tie off.

All done!

You can whip up a batch of these in no time and have them ready for next time you have a gift to give.

What do you do with fabric scraps?

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10 thoughts on “How to turn fabric scraps into pretty puffy gift tags!

  1. These are so pretty. I make quilts and find it so hard to throw the ‘scrap’ bits out. There is always something you can do with them… just like your pretty puff tags. Lovely idea!

  2. They are gorgeous! I saw two heart shaped little pillows like these, joined by ribbon, and filled with lavender, for $20 in shop earlier this week. Beautiful but why buy when you can make your own!!!

    Visiting from #teamIBOT x

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