Aroma-therapy Thursday – Releasing Stress And Struggle!

Life can be tough sometimes. We seem to have so much on our plates, we have to juggle jobs, motherhood, households, cooking, cleaning and some how find time for rest and relaxation!

Anger, fear and exhaustion take it’s toll on our health and feelings, we keep holding on to what is wrong and spend so much time and energy fighting for a solution. Sometimes the best thing we can do is…..just let go! Things do have an amazing way of working out when we stop fighting.


When is comes to stress management, Aromatherapy is a quick and valuable tool as these magical plant essences immediately go to work on your emotions and body functions. Using pure essential oils is one of the best ways I have found to help bring back calm and this is my all time, super favourite ‘recipe’ that works quickly.

For this exercise you will need Cypress, Frankinsence and Lavender pure essential oils. You can order yours from N-Essentials for great quality and great prices.

Take yourself into a quiet room, and place two drops of each essential oil into the palm of your hand and very gently bring your two hands together so the oils are shared amoungst both hands.

Gently tap your palms on both sides of your neck, on your forehead and over your heart. Don’t rub it in madly as this will actually ‘bruise’ the oils and reduce their effectiveness. Sit comfortably for a few minutes and take some nice deep breaths. You can also cup your hands over your nose and inhale the remaining oils.

Very quickly you will feel the energy shift to a state of calm and peace. Don’t spend this time looking for solutions or re-hashing what is annoying you. Take this time to just be in the present moment and enjoy the release of tension.


Safety Note: – Please do not do this exercise if you are pregnant as essential oils can have a detrimental effect if applied directly to the skin. If you are prone to sensitive skin, please do a patch test to ensure you don’t have any reactions. This recipe is not designed to replace professional medical advise.

(This post does contain my affiliate link for a product that I am happy to recommend for quality and price)

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